Workshop Number: 30
Leaders: Kody Hersh
Who May Register?: High School Only
Worship/Worship-Sharing: 5%
Discussion: 5%
Experiential Activities: 90%

Who May Attend?
only full time attenders (participants should attend all week)

High School Program participants join experienced Junior Gathering leaders to create a fun, supportive, and Spirit-filled Junior Gathering environment for our youngest Gathering participants. Learn to lead and use your talents to give back to our community! Early arrival by 10am Sunday morning 7/2 is mandatory. Application with references required.

Workshop Description

Friends of high school age join other Junior Gathering Staff in the care, enjoyment, and spiritual nurture of younger children during the morning workshop times.  The workshop structure provides peer and adult support, camaraderie, and mentoring for high schoolers who are moved to work with children. Participants are full Junior Gathering volunteer staff with all the rewards and responsibilities. You can expect a mix of play, learning, social, spiritual, and résumé-building experience.

Preparation Before Gathering:

  • Fill out a Junior Gathering Staff Application, including References (3) & meeting verification.
  • You may receive a phone call from the workshop leader to talk about your interests and experience.  This may be considered an interview.
  • You will be notified if you are selected.
  • Bring: Curiosity, ideas for games, centered worship, watching eyes and listening ears.

Expectations and Support:

  • Participants are expected to participate in all JG Staff training sessions, both online in advance, and in person on Sunday, July 2. This includes child safety and anti-racism trainings, as well as orientation, team building, and worship.  You are eligible to receive free housing on campus Saturday night July 1, so you can be ready to begin first thing Sunday morning. Lunch on Sunday will be provided for Junior Gathering Staff.  Your family members will not receive free housing unless they are also on staff.
  • You will receive a staff t-shirt which you will be required to wear during program time.
  • The workshop leader will check in daily with each participant.  If you have concerns, this will be a chance to schedule time for more lengthy discussion.
  • There will be at least two opportunities for the whole workshop group to check in together, scheduled in consultation with High School Program staff so you don’t miss anything!
  • Smokers/Vapers:  We ask Junior Gathering staff of all ages to use utmost discretion. Please avoid smoking/vaping in visual or smell range of the Gathering’s children whether you are on duty or not.  We consider this crucial to your place in Junior Gathering as caregiver and role model.

Leader Experience

Kody Hersh, FGC Young Adult and Youth Ministries Coordinator, has almost two decades of experience as a Quaker youth worker. They’re excited to support Ministry with Children workshop participants to show up with their whole selves and grow in their skill and care for younger people.

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