Workshop Number: 101
Leaders: .O
Who May Register?: Open to All
Worship/Worship-Sharing: 10%
Lecture: 30%
Discussion: 50%
Experiential Activities: 10%

Who May Attend?
only full time attenders (participants should attend all week)

Together we will read scriptures pointing to love and inseparable oneness. This invitation explores the transformational power of loving self, family, community, and the amazing planet we live on. With breathing, queries, journaling, and worship sharing, we step too deepen our capacity for repair and healing.

Workshop Description

Seeds and God have a lot in common. Seeds are a powerful ancient metaphor that our Quaker ancestors referenced often. Together we will watch a video of the magical movement of a seed growing in slow motion. 

Before the workshop we invite community participants too meditate on the passage “Blessed Are The Pure Of Heart, For They Shall See God” Matthew 5:8 and journal the ways the heart and mind interpret these words. Also participants are invited to bring to the 1st session a seed of your liking ( pumpkin, avocado, watermelon, sunflower, strawberry, etc.) , some raisins, or dried fruit, something sweet, something sour, something salty, water, a pen and journal.

Beginning with a welcome, Worship, introductions, a grounding exercise using breathing, and check-ins, we will explore the query: What does “Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God” mean to you? In each session, PowerPoints will be used to present passages from scripture and queries to be responded to in story-sharing rooms, as well as guided practices and movement. Basic information about the human nervous system and our responses to conditions of perceived safety or threat will be presented. Together we will practice guided meditations and breathing to become more familiar with self-regulation, allowing the possibility of seeing the world more clearly. By reclaiming our imagination, we will tap into our creative capacities to visualize the beloved community, as we support deeper connections in our relationships with self and others with the divine breath of love.

Leader Experience

For over 50 years ,O has trusted the transformational power of love as they provide their gifts and talents as a facilitator in the healing fields.  ,O was certified as a massage therapist 1978 and has made health and wellbeing their life vocation. Creatively using the healing arts of theater, movement, and visualization ,O has facilitated educational programs and stress modification practices with the communities they serve. ,O has led workshops in the Quaker community since 2018 and has led spiritual retreats for PhYM in 2020 and this year. As a co-facilitator they have provided workshops within the Quaker community addressing paths to spiritual deepening and addressing racism. With their training in trauma informed care and somatic abolition work, they bring these skills to tending to and address the soul pathways that move us in the direction of healing the wounds that bind us. With faithful joy ,O also facilitates workshops and serves as a motivational speaker with the organization Women for Sobriety for 20+ years. At this time much of their focus is on addressing gun violence in the Grays Ferry community of Philadelphia.

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