Meeting Resource

There are many forms of ministry among Friends. We are all called to different ministries at different times. Meetings can choose to support Friends who have a leading to ministry in a variety of ways. 

Read about ministry within the meeting here: 

Clearness for a Leading or Ministry

A clearness committee is a group appointed to support a member of the meeting in discerning a leading. Clearness committees may also play a role in helping the meeting gain clarity around how they should support the ministry of that Friend. 

The committee follows a particular structure that you can read about here:  

Care of Friends Led to Various Forms of Ministry

When a meeting takes a Friend and their ministry under its care they agree as a community to support the Friend in delivering the ministry. Often they will ask the whole community to hold the individual in prayer and take a particular interest in the ministry and its fruits. Some meetings may offer to appoint a group to focus on supporting the individual and on holding them accountable. This group is called a support or anchor committee. 

Read more guidelines for caring for Friends led to ministry here:

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