FGC wants Friends to attend the YAY Gathering regardless of financial need. Scholarships and workgrants are available for attenders. Register early to get highest priority for financial assistance. It is possible to receive both a scholarship and a workgrant.

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A workgrant is a fee waiver for specific volunteer service during YAY Gathering. Typical workgrants range from $200 to $400 for 3 to 6 hours of daily service at the YAY Gathering. Workgrants are only available to adults (18 years and older, and not in the High School program), and are usually for returning Gathering attenders. We advise first-time attenders to request scholarship assistance instead of workgrants.

See a list of some of our workgrants

How to Apply for a Workgrant


Friends with financial need may request a scholarship from FGC when they register for the YAY Gathering.

June 12 – Priority Registration Date: Attenders who register by June 12 are given priority consideration for financial aid.

How to Apply for Scholarship Assistance

Complete the “Scholarships” section when registering for the YAY Gathering. Include a request for a specific amount. FGC recommends that you register as early as possible, even if you do not yet know whether your meeting will be able to financially help you.

Maximum FGC Scholarships

Use this chart to determine the maximum scholarship for each member of your party.

Exceptions to maximum:  Thanks to special funding, young adults from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, may be exempt from these maximums. Other limited exceptions to the maximums may be made in the event of extraordinary circumstances.

 Age RangeScholarship Maximum
Adult (>37 yrs)$160
Young Adult (18-37 yrs)$144
High School (rising 10th gr. to graduating senior)$134
Youth (12 yrs-rising 9th gr.)$134
Child (5-11 yrs)$67
Little Child (birth-5 yrs)$40
3rd, 4th or 5th dependent see note

Note:  A feature of the YAY Family Discount is that 3rd, 4th and 5th dependents do not pay a program fee.  These dependents are always the youngest dependents in the family.  Their maximum scholarships would be:

  • High School: $94
  • Youth: $94
  • Child: $27
  • Little Child: $0

What if My Financial Aid Need Is Not Met?

If the financial aid provided to you is not enough to allow you to attend, you may cancel without penalty if you cancel within one week of learning of your financial aid award.  

More Information about Financial Aid

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