YAY Gathering Workgrant Volunteer Roles

The YAY Gathering will only be possible with the support of volunteers. Workgrant positions are essential to the success of the YAY Gathering AND are a way for volunteers to help cover their fees. Typical workgrants range from $200 to $400 for 3 to 6 hours of daily service. A number of workgrants are listed below – the number indicates the percentage it covers of Gathering Basic Fees (program fee, non a/c double room, and 3 meals a day.)

For all of these roles, please contact Marian Dalke, Gathering Youth Coordinator, if you are led to serve. YAY attendees can also indicate interest in volunteering when you register for the YAY Gathering, and someone will be in touch with more information. Indicating your interest on registration doesn’t confirm you in the role.

Workgrants are most appropriate for adults (18 years and older, and not in the High School program) who have previously attended the Gathering. We advise first-time attenders to request scholarship assistance instead of workgrants.

Gathering Truck Driver (100%): Drive a full-size moving truck from Philadelphia to the Gathering on the 4th of July, and driving it back to Philadelphia on the 10th of July. The driver needs to pick up the truck for loading the day before departure, and return the truck after unloading on the 11th.

Airport Shuttle Greeter: meet Friends at the Roanoke airport and help them connect with the Gathering vans/shuttles. Requires hours on Wednesday 7/6 may be split between 2 people)

Check-In Coordinator (50%):  Prepare, train volunteers and manage FGC Gathering Check-In on Wednesday 7/6.

COVID Testers (25%): Provide rapid COVID tests to attendees at check-in on Wednesday July 6. Support COVID Safety Coordinator to administer tests and respond to COVID concerns throughout the event.

First Aid & COVID Safety Coordinator (50%): The volunteer staffs a First Aid station for one to one and a half hours per day (at an advertised location) and also being on call for response and advice when medical incidents happen. Should be CPR certified. Assist in monitoring and ensuring COVID health and safety protocols are being followed. Serve as point of contact for concerns and questions related to COVID Health and Safety policy. 

High School Counselor (100%): for Friends who want to devote their Gathering to a wonderful group of High School Friends.  Involves living in the High School dorm. Training for Counselors begins Tuesday morning.

Information Desk (40%): work 3-4 hours/day at the Information Desk.

Junior Gathering support staff (67%): work Th-S – 9:30 am-12 pm and 7-9:30 pm plus attend training from 10am on Wednesday 7/6.

Office support at Gathering (40-50%): Be a part of the Gathering office, and help answer questions from attenders in person, by email, and by phone. Ideal office staff are good at problem solving, like helping people, and able to use database software and spreadsheets. Office shifts are at the same time each day, Wednesday-Saturday; morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, and evening shifts are available. 

Photographer (50%). High quality portraits and group photos capturing the vitality of the Gathering. For an experienced photographer who can share a sample of previous work with FGC staff.

Pre-Gathering office support (25-60%): work in Philadelphia office during the work week in May and June. Familiarity with Word and Excel needed. This year there is a strong need for Friends skilled with Excel, including logic, complex sorting, and Vlookup. Cvent experience a plus.

Racial Affinity Group Leaders (25%): facilitate racial affinity groups for Adult Friends at YAY (evenings 7:30-9:30 pm)

Tech Support (50%): Provide tech support to Gathering office and prepare screenings of virtual Gathering events (Bible Half hour and Evening Plenaries)

Virtual Gathering Volunteer Roles

Gathering in virtual space is different from gathering in-person, but we still need volunteers to make it happen. Attending a training and/or meeting in advance of the Gathering is required for all volunteer roles. For all of these roles, you can indicate interest in volunteering when you register for the virtual Gathering, and someone will be in touch with more information. Indicating your interest on registration doesn’t confirm you in the role. 

The Virtual Gathering is using a Pay as Led model this year. This decision affects our volunteer and workgrant positions. The Gathering has always been made possible by the commitment, dedication, and time of the volunteers and Friends in workgrant positions. We continue to experiment with how volunteers can serve at virtual Gatherings. Your time and gifts as a volunteer are valuable to the FGC community. If you are volunteering at the Virtual Gathering, we ask that you prayerfully consider your service to the Gathering, the value you believe the Gathering brings to your life and to Friends, and the fee scale we have provided. Based on this personal reflection, we invite you to contribute the amount that feels meaningful to you.

Volunteer Descriptions

Info Desk – Virtual: During the Gathering, answer attenders’ questions about the Gathering over Zoom, and direct Gathering attenders to the appropriate resources. We are seeking volunteers who are knowledgeable about the virtual Gathering and are comfortable operating in a Zoom environment.

Info Desk – Tech Support: Volunteers will assist Gathering attenders on Zoom (or phone if necessary) with a wide variety of technology questions in order to attend the virtual Gathering. We are seeking Friends who are able to manage Zoom with ease & are knowledgeable about interfacing with different devices, platforms, and applications.

Open Hang Out Time Host: The Open Hang Out Time host serves as the Zoom host for Open Hang Out Time. They give Friends who come into the space a choice of breakout rooms to join, or make a new breakout room with a different focus. Open Hang Out Time provides registrants with a way to meet up with new and old Friends. Some breakout rooms might be totally unstructured, and some may be focused on a particular topic. We are looking for 3-5 people who can share host duties – training for hosts will be provided.

Spanish Language Accompaniment: Are you bilingual in Spanish and English? Would you like to help Spanish-speaking Friends attend the 2022 Gathering? Since 2019, FGC has begun exploring ways to enhance language justice in our programs. In addition to offering professional simultaneous interpretation at our evening plenaries, we would like to offer Spanish speakers a way to participate in workshops. We are seeking Friends who are bilingual in English and Spanish to “accompany” Spanish-speaking Friends to their workshops. You would provide informal simultaneous interpretation via phone or Zoom to the Friend so they can understand the program content. You would also consecutively interpret from Spanish to English if the Spanish-speaking Friend would like to participate in the conversation. Friends are asked to attend a training session on Zoom in advance of Gathering to prepare for this volunteer role.

Zoom Host: The Zoom Host is the technology host of the meeting. The Host has control over all functions and features in the meeting/event and may share hosting responsibilities with the facilitator and/or other co-hosts depending on the size and complexity of the meeting. You can learn more about Host controls in the Zoom Help Center. Zoom Hosts might: assist the facilitator, assist with screen sharing, mute and unmute participants as needed, keep an eye out for any inappropriate sharing and address such, and manage breakout rooms. FGC will provide training for volunteer Zoom Hosts prior to the 2022 Gathering, but hosts should have some experience using Zoom.

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