QMart at the Gathering Bookstore is now QuakerMart.com!

QMart will go live on April 1. The site is now open for vendors to begin uploading their information.

QuakerMart.com is a new website which will serve as a portal to your sales at the Gathering. FGC is advertising this website in the advance documents and the Gathering website. Since FGC will not have to provide space or work grants to staff an in-person store, they are not asking for fees or a commission for the 2021 Gathering QMart. This is a marketing opportunity that will present your crafts, artwork, or other items to a wide audience. Note that you must be registered for this year’s virtual Gathering to be listed. You may fill in the form and send in your data anytime; we trust that you will register.

If you decide to sell items in this year’s QMart:

1. Fill out the QMart Registration Form. You will be able to provide a picture or pictures of a few of your items, a brief blurb about your business, and a link to your stock. This can link to your website or your etsy or ebay store. If you don’t use those venues, you could instead provide a pdf or word file which gives contact information and terms of sale in addition to pictures and prices of your stock. We can help you if you would like to set up an etsy store or have problems preparing a sales sheet.

2. QMart volunteers will upload your information to the website. You will have an opportunity to verify that the links are working properly. Please note that the webmaster is a volunteer, so please be patient; the process may take a few days. FGC does not have the staff to do this for us.

3. You will be responsible for providing accurate information and pictures to the website, corresponding with buyers, processing payments, and shipping your own items. FGC will not be involved in any of the sales nor will they be responsible for any problems that may arise.

4. If you have other questions, you may get in touch with me by selecting “QMart” on the Gathering contact form or email QuakerMartCart@gmail.com

Nancy Haines, QMart Coordinator, 2021, along with dest/jess(ie)/etc. purvis and Keith Barch (our hard working webmaster)

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