FGC Online Gathering Expectations

The Gathering seeks to be a community of Friends living in the discipline of the Spirit. It is a rare opportunity for personal spiritual growth and sharing. We endeavor to balance the opportunity for individual seeking with the challenges of growing together. We respond with respect and support to the best efforts of Gathering staff and volunteers, and registrants alike.

A community of respect, free from harassment. Friends General Conference, in keeping with Friends’ historical concerns for equality and justice, is committed to providing environments – including online environments – which are free of discrimination and harassment. Actions, including words, jokes, or comments, which demean groups or individuals, or which result in racial harm, will not be tolerated. Intimidation or harassment, both overt and subtle, will not be tolerated.  This includes for example: ethnicity, race, age, gender, sexual identity, or orientation, faith and religious belief, or physical or cognitive abilities. Any Gathering attender who believes they may have witnessed or experienced discrimination or harassment is encouraged to seek support using the processes outlined in the Harassment Policy and/or Racial Wounding policy which are posted on the FGC website. All allegations will be investigated thoroughly and fairly.

An event for registered attenders. The Virtual Gathering programs are restricted to registered attenders, except for the exhibits published on the website. Registration materials will include Zoom invitations to specific program events.  Please do not share this access with those who have not registered.

Online Behavior Expectations.  All participants in the Virtual Gathering carry responsibility in creating an environment suitable to enable each one to be able to enter into the spirit of worship. Please act during Virtual Gathering program events as you would during worship in your home meeting, including being fully dressed and spiritually focused, making no recordings or photos, and engaging in no other internet use. Please place yourself on mute when appropriate and limit background distractions.

Prohibited items.  Substances such as alcohol and recreational marijuana are not permitted in an in-person Gathering. FGC asks Virtual Gathering attenders to refrain from being under the influence of such substances when they participate in Virtual Gathering program events.   

FGC may ask any Friend unable to function within these guidelines to leave the Virtual Gathering.

Approved 2/26/22 by the Long Range Conference Planning committee of FGC 

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