Movement Opportunities

Psychocalisthenics                             M-W 7:00-7:45am, Th-F 7:00-7:30am
Tony Martin

Stokes 16

Psychocalisthenics is a series of 23 movements that combine yoga like stretches with deep breathing. The movements are designed to integrate mind, body and spirit and produce a vital flash of energy. All ages and levels of fitness welcome. 

Simple Westernized Tai Chi            Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7am

Walter Francis Elling

Dining Center Green

Tai Chi is a system of relaxed movements that build balance, flexibility, and mindfulness of the breath and body. We will learn a very simple set of movements and a warm up, much more simple than short form which I mostly learned as a student at Omega Institute in the late 80’s, This class welcomes all levels of experience and all adult ages. Wear clothing that is easy to move in. Please come wanting to move and experience your body and life force.

Farmer Herman’s Back Saver             Monday, Wednesday and Friday; 7:30-8:00am
Herman Holly

Stokes 102

This is gentle stretching I do every morning so that I don’t injure my back doing my farm work. It is something I put together from years of attending an “Awareness Through Movement” class led by a Feldenkrais therapist. I do it laying on my back on a yoga mat.  It takes about 20 minutes (maybe 30 learning). This is very gentle with NO straining, ‘just what’s easy’. I generally hold people in The Light while I am doing this.  

Energy Medicine                                Monday through Friday, noon

Eleanor Barrett

Stokes 104

This 30-minute program is based upon Donna Eden’s work of energy medicine. Gentle breathing and movements are combined to enhance a sense of well-being, flexibility and health. Her work will be combined with a few extra movements from other traditions: Chi Gong, Tai Chi and Feldenkrais.

Gentle Yoga                                        Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30pm

Susan Claggett

Jaharis Recital Hall

Gentle Yoga/stretching- All ages welcome to those new to yoga as well as those more seasoned. Traditional yoga poses as well as muscle stretching, balance, strength and coordination all wrapped into this “practice.”  A time to rest and stretch! Please bring a mat if you have one and wear comfortable clothes. 

Visions         Tuesday and Thursday, 1:30pm

Julian Brandenberger

Marshall Auditorium Stage

Come create a series of ‘Visions’ through movement and space. Dancers will each take a turn leading in the creation of a vision and supporting the vision of another. Be prepared to move your body, engage your imagination and even wear your discerning director’s hat as you feel out what support of these visions looks like. There will be a short lesson on the “Viewpoints” which will orient us to the theatrical space that we create. 

English Country Dancing Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 1:30-3pm

Jim Morgan

Stokes 10

English Country Dancing for all interested. Experienced and beginning dancers welcome, as well as other callers.  ECD is done in couples formed into sets like square and contra dancing.  Many dances are revivals of those done from 1650 on, while some are modern creations. 

Chi Kung and Tai Chi                          Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 1:30pm and 3:15 pm

Ron Wilkerson and Rick Wilson

GIAC arena rear—tennis/athletic shoes or bare/sock feet only please

Ron and Rick will be available to share chi kung and tai chi gentle exercises. Between them, the two have a century of practice in these and related arts. The sessions will include relaxed movement meant to unify mind, breath, and body. These disciplines have been shown to provide health benefits for practitioners. 

Sharing my yoga practice                  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 3:15pm

Wanda Guokas

Jaharis Recital Hall

I have had a yoga practice that I developed after many years of taking classes, which came with a ‘spiritual litany.’  Today, the focus is on letting go of the ego’s thoughts and concerns and focusing on breath and the energy sensations in the body, allowing healing. The practice is about finding ‘that’ One who is ‘watching’ – ‘witnessing’ – ‘seeing’ our True Self! Please bring a yoga mat, towel or blanket. 

Jin Shin Jyutsu                                    Monday, 3:15

Hannelore Devlin

Stokes 104

We’ll be working on healing in body, mind and spirit as well as continue to strengthen our immunity, heal depression, anxiety and illness with an hour-long class. Jin Shin Jyutsu is the Art of releasing tensions which are the causes for various symptoms in the body. Our bodies contain several energy pathways that feed life into all of our cells. When one or more of these paths become blocked, this damming effect may lead to discomfort or even pain. This blockage or stagnation will not only disrupt the local area but will continue and eventually disharmonize the complete path or paths of the energy flow. Through Jin Shin Jyutsu our awareness is awakened to the simple fact that we are endowed with the ability to harmonize and balance ourselves (in rhythm with the universe) physically, mentally and spiritually.

Tai Chi Chih                                      Monday through Friday, 5pm 

John Smallwood

Dining Center Green

Contra Dancing                                     Monday through Friday, 9:15pm

GIAC Arena Back Court—Tennis/athletic shoes or bare/sock feet only please

It has become a favorite joyous evening activity at FGC Gatherings, dating back four decades. These gender-fluid couples dances are done in longways sets with partners in two long opposing (“contrein French) lines. The figures are common to many other traditional dances, and they are all taught and reviewed by a Caller, who teaches each dance, and gets everybody up to speed before the band strikes up in earnest. The dances are lively and fast paced, with excessive amounts of smiles and laughter. They provide a great opportunity to connect with others in playful, non-threatening physical interactions – all coordinated by the tunes and rhythms provided by live musicians. 

Folk Dance Schedule by The Friendly FolkDancers

FOLK DANCE MUSICIANS NEEDED FOR FRIDAY EVEPractice ahead of time, look in the daily bulletin for practice time info and offer to help by calling/texting Sue 715-853-6871 

A Potluck of International Folk Dance – 9:15-11:00 pm Monday, Tuesday

Stokes 10

Mark Helpsmeet & Friends

Simple folk dances from all around the world, easily accessible, sometimes fun & light, sometimes deep & moving. We’ll try to have a sampler from all the week’s leaders. The only way you can do these dances wrong is to not show up and thereby miss the opportunity to be part of a community moving with a joyful & prayerful Spirit. All ages, all abilities.  Bring your appetite for exploring the world, foot-by-foot.

Couples Folk Dance – 9:15-11:00 pm Wednesday

Stokes 10

Dances of the world for couples, like the waltz, schottishe, polka, half-and-half, and others. Dances will be of beginner & inter-mediate level, no experience needed. Partners will be mix and matched throughout the evening.

English Country Dance – 9:15-11:00 pm Thursday

Stokes 10

Jo Schlesinger, Jim Morgan & Friends

A taste of dance from England, emphasizing figures and patterns, more than Contra Dance, without fancy footwork, danced in a variety of formations involving walking through space in patterns, and a wide variety of music.

Live Music for International Folk Dance  – 9:45-11:00 pm Friday

Stokes 10

A variety of musicians and dance leaders

Enjoy the dances of the world, moving to live music at least part of the evening. Those wishing to participate in the band should contact Sue at 715-853-6871 and check the announcements for practice times throughout the week.

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