Worship Opportunities at the 2022 Gathering

May way open as we worship together at the Gathering. Opening and closing worship for the community book-end our week. There will be daily opportunities for worship and worship sharing. Groups like FLGBTQC and People of Color Center typically host worship or worship sharing opportunities during the week. Each workshop will include worship or worship sharing. As you prepare for the Gathering, consider how you might connect with Spirit within, broaden your concept of worship, and remain open to new ways of knowing the Divine, in this time of radical change.

All Gathering Welcome and Opening Worship

Sunday, July 3, evening 

Join the Gathering community in welcome and waiting worship as we prepare to embark on a week of experimentation, spiritual exploration, and fellowship.

Bible Half Hour

Leslie Manning

Leslie Manning is a member of the Durham (Maine) Meeting and an interfaith chaplain, serving incarcerated people and their loved ones and preparing our communities to be more welcoming to returning residents. She is a former president of the Maine Council of Churches and has served her Yearly Meeting as clerk of the annual sessions committee, clerk of the Working Groups on Spirituality and Sexual Ethics and Reparations for Native Americans and is currently clerk of our governance body, the Permanent Board.

Leslie has also served as a Quaker Quest facilitator, and Friend in Residence for a previous Gathering. She represented NEYM as a board member to the Friends United Meeting General Board as an out lesbian for six years, and holds a deep concern for unity among Friends. “The world needs what we have to offer, our hearts and hands, our faith and our witness, our willingness to walk humbly, do justice and love mercy. Let’s act as if we believe the Truth is true.”

photo of a woman sitting. She has white pulled-back hair, glasses and a green shirt

For the 2022 Gathering, Leslie invites us to consider this query: In a world where we can choose to listen and obey robotic commands, what would it mean to us and our religious society if we trusted and relied upon the Divine as much as our GPS?

“Justice is what love looks like in public.”

Dr. Cornel West

During Bible Half Hour at the Gathering, we will explore what love requires of us, a justice seeking love, an unconditional, sanctifying love that provides hope and healing to a world in need of both.

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