Quaker Cloud is an FGC-sponsored service providing website hosting, minute management, and meeting directory services for Quaker meetings.

Quaker Cloud is currently under re-development and is not accepting new clients at this time. Please return to this page for updates.

The Quaker Cloud is a web toolkit that provides:

  • A website for your meeting that is easy to build and maintain. It’s template driven, so it’s easy to use.
  • A minute manager that allows you to archive, search, and share minutes with your meeting, and if you choose, with Friends and the world.
  • A meeting directory where meeting members maintain their own information and where you can print a current directory in a few clicks.

Since its launch in January 2013, the Quaker Cloud has helped nearly 150 Quaker meetings, yearly meetings, and organization develop their web presence through individual websites for their meetings as well as a secure, user-friendly minute manager and meeting directory for each site.

Additionally the Quaker Cloud package includes:

  • An aesthetically pleasing template designed to maximize SEO results – usually Quaker Cloud pages are at the top of Google search results
  • Security patches and updates
  • Live training and help from our Quaker Cloud team. To contact Quaker Cloud support, email fgc@skycatchfire.com
  • A support website dedicated to a Quaker Cloud Admin knowledge bank

New Quaker Cloud subscribers receive an introductory virtual consultation with the Quaker Cloud support person to guide them through the process of making their website and organizing their meeting minutes and member directory.

After the initial consultation, subscribers can rely on year-round technical support from a member of the Quaker Cloud support team for any issues that may arise. FGC’s Quaker Cloud support team understands and supports the needs of your meeting better than any free web service online. 


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