FGC has chosen Slack as the peer-to-peer communications tool between members of the Quaker Communications Community of Practice (QCCOP).  Members of the community who have signed up to join QCCOP will receive an invitation to join Slack. Here are some helpful guidelines on how the community may use Slack.


FGC staff will moderate Slack according to FGC’s existing Social Media Guidelines.  

FGC staff will not monitor Slack 24 hours of the day.  Please contact staff directly if you have a question or request that cannot wait or otherwise be answered by a member of the community.


Slack may be used as a web-based tool, a standalone application on your computer, or as a mobile app.  How you decide to use it is up to you.  

You are free to mute notifications and develop your own habits about how often you decide to login and read threads but do plan to check in once a week to see how you can contribute.

Please get permission before sending a member of the community a private message.

Helpful Practices

You can make your conversations easier to read by using paragraph breaks (shift+return) or numbered or bulleted lists.

Slack can be kept organized by threading replies rather than replying as a new message, and by using emojis to react to a post, rather than posting “Thanks” or “Congratulations” or other common, short responses.

Tagging (@-mentioning) a member of the community can get their attention.  Don’t assume they will see your post just because you’ve posted it.

There’s probably not a reason to tag the whole channel, though.  The more people join the community, the more people will see your posts.


Most importantly, please participate!  Ask communications-related questions!  If you have unsolicited advice for fellow webmasters and social media managers, offer it!  Share your cool links and resources that have been beneficial to you!

Here is a video that helps introduce you to Slack. (Please note that our channel will not be using “huddles.”)

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