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Faith & Play™ Toolkits

This page provides resources for Friends to learn more about Godly Play® and Faith & Play™ stories. The PDFs below offer tips and strategies, suggestions for getting started and the use of Faith & Play and Godly Play® in religious education programs, Friends schools, and at home

 ► Introduction to Faith & Play™ brochure (2015)

 ► An Introduction to Faith & Play™ and Godly Play® for Friends

 ► Is Faith & Play™ Right for Your Meeting? Interest and Discernment

 ► More about teacher training and support for using these resources

 ► Structuring the First Day School Year with Stories

 ► Tips on weaving Godly Play®  and Faith & Play™ stories into your existing curricula 

 ► How to Set Up Your Classroom

 ► Wondering with Children: Making Space for Growing in the Light 

 ► Guidelines for wondering with children in Godly Play® and Faith & Play™ 

 ► Using Faith & Play™ with Adults or in Intergenerational Settings

 ► For Young Children and Parents Using Faith & Play™ in the Home

 ► Faith & Play as a Resource for Friends Schools 

 ► Reflections on renewing your First Day School (FDS) program at the start of the FDS year

 ► Quaker-friendly ways to use Godly Play® resources for Advent and Christmas

 ► Quaker-friendly ways to use Godly Play®  resources for Lent and Easter


 ► Constructing DIY Figures for Faith & Play™ Stories

 ► Guide for making your own Faith & Play™ and Godly Play® materials