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Faith & Play™ Reading List

Reading List


Faith & Play: Quaker Stories for Friends Trained in the Godly Play Method

The 2014 edition of Godly Play-inspired lesson stories created by Friends to help children find words and images for expressing their experiences of holy mystery and wonder in their lives. The 2014 edition includes twelve stories, available for a modest fee in downloadable .pdf format. Purchase Downloadable .pdf Version Now

The volume contains the following stories:

  •  Listening for God: A story about different ways we sense God’s presence
  • Prayer and Friends Meeting for Worship: A story about Friends gathering as a community to listen for God
  • Gifts: A story about the gifts God gives each of us
  • Queries: A story about the role of queries for early and present-day Quakers
  • Friends Meeting for Business: A story about meeting for worship with an attention to business
  • George Fox’s Big Discovery: A story about a way God reveals the Truth to us
  • The Mary Fisher Story: A story about a Friend who lived in God’s love, power and peace
  • John Woolman Visits the Indians at Wylusing: A Quaker risks a dangerous journey to visit people with lives very different from his own
  • Love's Way: A story about Quaker testimonies for younger children
  • Living the Ways of the Spirit: A story about Quaker testimonies drawing on the life of Jesus
  • Let your Life Speak: A story about the testimonies and what happens when we live our lives guided by Spirit (a story designed for older children)
  • An Easter Story for Friends: A story about the power of God’s love

Jugar llenos de fe: Relatos de los cuáqueros para los Amigos entrenados en el método de Jugar Junto a Dios® 

Faith & Play™ has been translated into Spanish!  New England Yearly Meeting shepherded this amazing project to bring Faith & Play stories to Spanish-speaking Friends.  The Spanish volume includes stories along with sections on resources and materials.  Added pieces on Parts of the Lesson for Friends, Wondering with Children, and "What is the 'play' in Godly Play/Faith & Play?" Go here for the free downloadable .pdf of Faith & Play™ in Spanish!

Teaching Godly Play: How to mentor the spiritual development of children, Jerome Berryman

(Church Publishing, 2009) This book illustrates how to establish a Montessori approach to religious education that encourages children to seek and find their own answers to their faith questions.

Godly Play: An Imaginative Approach to Religious Education, Jerome Berryman

(Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 1995)  Berryman describes the process of Godly Play® and how it invites children to wonder about themselves, about God, and about the world around them in a way that is playful and deeply meaningful to them, not on adult terms.

The Complete Guide to Godly Play (series), Jerome Berryman

This series includes six sets of stories (a total of about 80 stories), one volume introducing the method and one volume packed with practical advice from experienced Godly Play® teachers.

  • Volume 1: How to Lead Godly Play Lessons Includes material you will need to become familiar with the Godly Play® approach, including how to create a special space for children, planning and presenting Godly Play® stories and helping children’s spiritual development. (2002)
  • Volume 2: Presentations for Fall Includes an opening lesson and Old Testament stories covering Creation through the Prophets. (2002)
  • Volume 3: Presentations for Winter Includes 20 stories based on stories of Jesus’ birth and the parables. (2002)
  • Volume 4: Presentations for Spring Includes 20 more stories from the life of Jesus, including his death and resurrection. (2003)
  • Volume 5: Practical Helps from Godly Play Trainers Presents insights, stories and ideas from experienced teachers to help you use Godly Play® to its fullest potential. (2003)
  • Volume 6: Additional Enrichment Lessons to Supplement Fall Includes 15 presentations about the biblical characters, including stories about Abraham, Sarah, Moses and Ruth. (2006)
  • Volume 7: 16 Enrichment Presentations on the saints of the church, including St. Valentine and St. Nicholas (2008) 
  • Volume 8: 15 Enrichment Presentations The lessons in this final volume are designed to tie all the others together and present a vision for the spiral curriculum of Godly Play. (2012)

Young Children and Worship, by S. Stewart and J. Berryman

(Westminster, 1989)  This volume of stories and activities for 3-8 year old children is a precursor to Godly Play®.  While many of the stories in the book are similar to those in Godly Play, we feel they are somewhat less open-ended and are slightly more teacher directed.  This resource is recommended especially for the helpful story material patterns provided at the back of the book; such patterns are not provided in any of the Godly Play books.

Following Jesus: More about Young Children and Worship, by Sonja M. Stewart

(Geneva Press, 2000). This volume contains 34 stories about Jesus's teaching, parables, and healing, including stories about his interactions with individuals and groups.  Patterns for story materials are conveniently provided.  While clearly not part of the Godly Play® body of stories, and (in our opinion) the stories may be less nuanced than many in Godly Play, you may want to use some of them to supplement your curriculum.