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Holy Boldness

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Friday, July 8, 2016 - 7:00pm to 8:45pm

Peggy Senger Morrison is a free-lance provocateur of grace. She is a recorded Friends minister and was the founding pastor of Freedom Friends Church, a pastoral Quaker Meeting in Salem Oregon that declares itself as Passionately Christ-centered, Passionately Quaker, and Passionately Inclusive. In addition to being a gifted preacher, counselor, and teacher, Peggy is a prolific author of blogs (including “A Silly Poor Gospel”, & “ She is the author most recently of "Miracle Motors: A pert near true story”, a motorcycle theology. She also edited with Margery Post Abbott the book “Walk Worthy of your Calling: Quakers and the Traveling Ministry. “As a licensed counselor for 20 years, a major focus for the last decade has been trauma healing, especially among Quakers in Central Africa. Peggy is presently ministering in higher education, running community-college based, high school completion programs for super-marginalized youth. Twice a mother, once a grandmother, she is delighted to be married to the beautiful and talented Alivia Biko.

Peggy’s blog:

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