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Evening Programs
Date and Time: 
Tuesday, June 29, 2021 - 8:00pm to 9:30pm
Eastern Time


As part of Gathering Evening Programs, Friends from across the continent and beyond will gather in online groups around shared topics of interest. Let’s gather around issues such as family life, religious education for children and teens, climate disruption, social activism, and immigration. We’ll listen, share, learn, and build deeper connections. 

There will be 7 topic groups to choose from, which will each have a facilitator as well as breakout sessions focused on a query. There will be an alternate option of a less-structured open connection group (Quaker Mash Up), where you'll have a chance to chat and connect with other attenders. 

The day of the event, Gathering registrants will recieve links to all the connection groups - you'll choose which group you want to join. 


• Building Inclusive Communities: We will be looking at widening the welcome in our Meetings for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer), and others who are not numerous in the Meeting, such as young adults and children. We will be sharing stories of success and hope as well as looking at places we need to change in ourselves. Facilitated by Caroline Wildflower

  • Hybrid Meeting for Worship: As meetings begin to reopen, many are having deep discernment sessions around the future of worship, including whether it will included a "hybrid" or "blended" option where some Friends are online and others are in person worshipping at the same time. In this session, we will explore the concept of a hybrid meeting for worship (including defining it!) and consider the ways we might engage our meetings in fruitful discernment around what we want worship to be and how to get there (technologically and otherwise). Facilitated by Jennifer Higgins-Newman and Neil Fullagar

Indigenous People's Concerns: There’s new vocabulary being used in describing past, present & future relationships between native people and settler-colonialists.Looking briefly at the lexicon and posing some decolonizing/unsettling queries. Facilitated by Tom Kunesh

Mental, Physical, Spiritual Wellness: In this time of transition and for many transformation, we have the opportunity to attend to care of self, community, Spirit and natural world. Self care is relational. Care of self impacts care of community, Spirit and Creation. Energy that tends one area often flows into the other areas. Using our Quaker practices and listening for continuing revelation, we will look at these dimensions of Spirit-Led self care. We will consider how to balance these anew, as we reconnect, re-envision our lives. Facilitated by the Healing Center

Quaker Faith and Spirituality: How do we carry early Friends' original understandings of simplicity forward in the world today? How are simplicity, class, and homemade yogurt connected? Join young adult Friends (staff of Quaker Voluntary Service) for an engaging workshop leaving you with food for thought and tools to bring back to your meetings and churches. Facilitated by Hilary Burgin & Claire Hannapel

Racial Justice: Racial labelling is a social construct used to mentally, emotionally, politically and economically advantage some and disadvantage others. It is a violent and passive way of dividing the heart and human spirit, creating the experience amongst groups that are marginalized of harm and injury, instead of empowerment. We seek to offer a philosophy of pro-humanism (the source of all our place of origin), loving the self, love of others and accepting our interconnectedness publicly. Goals: to create individual, group and agency courage; to interrupt that which divides our human spirit. Facilitated by SYB (Bowland) & Sandie Finn

Quaker Mash Up - Quick Community Connections: Meet your fellow Quakers in a unique opportunity for fun, close connections, and community.  Quaker Mash-Up offers 3 opportunities to connect in small groups over the course of 90 minutes, complete with starter questions, and forge new connections. Join us for one group or stick around for all four!

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