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Beverly Ward - How I Get Over: My Journey towards Peace and Justice in Care for the Earth

photo courtesy of Beverly Ward
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Monday, July 1, 2019 - 7:00pm
Grinnell College

“My sense of spiritual wonder and connectedness with creation and my faith have and will continue to lead me in care for the Earth.” Beverly invites everyone to join her in work on a 1,000 Year Planning Model (just a little longer than seven generations) for an Earth restored.

Beverly is a member of and past clerk of Tampa Monthly Meeting. She is a member of the South Eastern Yearly Meeting (SEYM) Earthcare Committee. Her history among Friends goes back to her attendance at a Quaker high school and her interest and concern for our natural world occurred with her studies there in environmental science. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring struck a chord with her.

She is very well rounded academically with a PhD in Applied Anthropology and a minor in Public Administration. Beverly earned a Master’s in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in Psychology and Film/Drama.

She has taught Cultural Anthropology at the University of South Florida, Community Sustainability, Transportation and Society, and Geographic Information Systems and Anthropology among other courses. Her related experience includes principal and owner of BGW Associates, LLC, in which she conducts research, provides technical assistance to communities, local state and federal agencies, and conducts program evaluations, including environmental and social justice. She has focused on issues around transportation and housing within vulnerable racial, elderly, and ethnic communities.  Among her publications and papers is Saving Ourselves: The Need For Knowledge Sharing and Other Technology Transfer Among the Islands and Nation-States of the American Mediterranean in Response to Climate Change and Other Extreme Events.  She is a member of the National Academy of Science, Transportation Research Board Environmental Justice Issues in Transportation Committee.

Beverly has been deeply involved with Alternatives to Violence Project as a facilitator.  She also has facilitated Trauma Healing workshops in Colombia.  She has a particular interest in permaculture and a commitment to work with SEYM youth.

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