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2014 White Privilege Conference (WPC15)

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Date and Time: 
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 9:00am to Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 8:00pm
Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center AND The Concourse Hotel Madison, WI

***Online Registration through WPC is now closed***

FGC is sponsoring a group discount for the White Privilege Conference for a fourth year. Friends MUST pre-register through FGC first to receive the discount codes.

All Friends can take advantage of this opportunity, including those from the Conservative, Programmed, & Evangelical traditions. The Quaker group is also open to staff members of Quaker organizations.

FGC has supported 140 Quakers over four years to attend WPC. These Friends took advantage of a 55% discount on registration. Such a large group of registrants through FGC qualifies Friends for the following cost savings:



2014 FGC Discount Rate
Early Registration Fee


2014 Pre-Discount Rate
Early Registration Fee

Conference Registration$184$365
All day Institutes$90$135
Conference and Institute$262.50$500
Community Dinner$40 Non-negotiable

$40 Non-negotiable

To receive this discount:

1. Pre-register through FGC first (below)
2.Watch your inbox for an email from FGC that has information about discount codes and how to use them. (Be sure to check your spam folder!)
3. After getting the FGC discount codes, go the the WPC registration page to register, being sure to follow the instructions provided in the email from FGC

NOTE: If you register through the WPC website first, you will NOT be eligible for the FGC discount!

For those who pre-registered by February 20th, 2014, local Friends will provide home hospitality, as well as help arranging for transportation to and from the conference each day. The deadline to request home hospitality and transportation assistance has passed and we can no longer honor requests for accommodations. Please contact Maire Moriarty, [email protected] or 215-561-1700 x3022 with concerns.

For the past three years local Friends and FGC sponsored a Quaker hospitality room where Friends could take a break when needed, gather for worship, and have a Quaker caucus for worship sharing. Donations from individuals were given to offset the cost of the room on-site.

Institutes Offered at WPC15

Offered on Wednesday, March 26th:
1)Navigating Triggering Events
2)White on White: Communicating about Race and White Privilege Using Critical Humility
3)Orientation to White Privilege and Strengthening Cross Racial Skills
4)"Y'all Gonna Mae Me Lose My Mind!:" An Institute for People of Color
5)Our Bodies Know the Way: Using Cellular Wisdom to Dismatle Whitemess and Live in Deep Community
6)The Power of Polarities: Interrupting White Privilege and Building Sustainable Relationships
7)What's a White Parent To Do: Talking White Privilege with our Kids, Understanding the Impact of Racism in Schools, and Advocating for Racial Justice
8)White Women: Internalized Sexism and White Superiority
9)Deepening our Relationships and Transforming Communities - Vulnerability and Shame as an Asset to Seeking Justice
10)Youth Action Project Institute for Middle School Students
11)Youth Action Project Institute for High School Students

Offered on Saturday, March 29th (overlaps with the last day of the conference):
1)Climate-Change-Mind-Set: Replacing White Liberalism with Racial Justice As Our Communities Organize in Response to Climate Change
2) Resisting the Internalized Trickster: No Limits to What We Can Do!
3)A Critical Dialogue - Poverty, Race and Education: What does this mean for Education Degree Programs in Institutions of Higher Learning?
4)Where are all the White People? Strategies for engaging white people in racial justice
5)Practical Solutions of How the Social Justice Activist & the Institution can develop Collaboration to Dismantle White Privilege
6)White Privilege in the Schoolhouse: Breaking Habits of Complicity in Maintaining White Dominance

Full descrptions of the institutes are available on this page of the WPC website. We hope that Friends will take advantage of the 30% Quaker discount to participate in these Institutes, designed for conference attenders from levels Beginner to Advanced.

At this time, to be included in this Quaker group we are inviting Friends to

Pre-Register for the White Privilege Conference


This pre-registration and discount is only for members of the Quaker community. Everyone else should register directly through WPC's website.


This year, FGC is also inviting youth to join the Quaker group at the White Privilege Conference in Madison, when accompanied by parents/guardians. WPC offers the Youth Action Project for high schoolers, which runs concurrent to WPC, and one-day Youth Institutes for both middle and high school students. Due to fixed costs, the FGC discount does not apply to youth programming; however, youth still must pre-register with FGC to take advantage of home hospitality and transportation assistance.

Youth are expected to register with a parent or guardian, or a chaperone selected by the parents/guardians to take responsibility for the youth. Chaperones serving in the place of parents/guardians, for example to accompany youth sponsored by a meeting, are asked to take responsibility for no more than three youth (including their own). Parents or legal guardians are responsible for affirming that their youth is mature enough to participate as a full member of the Conference in accordance with the WPC Community Agreement.

FGC asks youth who attend to provide a report (which could be written or done creatively, such as a piece of art or video) on the impact of the conference for FGC and to share with their monthly meeting. Youth are also encouraged to prepare for the conference by reading one or more of the WPC-provided resource materials.

For Further Information:

Contact Vanessa Julye at FGC, 215-561-1700, ext 3006
[email protected]

What is the White Privilege Conference?

Why do People of Color attend WPC?