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A Digital Outreach Opportunity for Quaker Meetings

Emily Provance, a Friend who is called to the ministry of outreach and a member of Fifteenth Street Monthly Meeting, describes social media as "an unprecedented platform for witness and ministry." More Quaker meetings are turning to social platforms like Facebook to encourage newcomers and seekers to discover their spiritual communities. 

Is your Quaker meeting interested in learning social media-based outreach tools on Facebook? Register for FGC's Digital Outreach training, facilitated by Emily Provance. Over the course of 60 days, individual Quaker meetings will learn how to build a meaningful overall social media presence through weekly lessons and opportunities to put them into action. The program includes a fifty-day, query-based Facebook ad campaign targeted to seekers in your geographic area, managed by the facilitator. 

Don’t have a Facebook page for your meeting? No problem - we’ll build one together.

Fall Cohort: September 1st to October 30th, 2018 (60 days)

Requirements: $300 fee due at time of registration ($250 for ads on Facebook, plus $50 to support the program and facilitator), Quaker meetings will identify at least one or up to four members of the meeting to work with facilitator and implement skills learned.


Ready to expand your Quaker meeting's reach on Facebook? Register for one of the Digital Outreach trainings today!