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Sparkling Still LibraryThing Collection

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Books listed in Sparkling Still are also listed on listed as a collection on LibraryThing.

When you first open the site you will likely see an alphabetic (by title) listing of the books which you can browse or search within the collection by author, tags or other fields.


The example below shows the result of searching for the word 'God' anywhere in the collection - there are 23 titles in the list.


The information in the right  hand columns indicates how many other LibraryThing users include the title in their collections and what comments and reviews have been entered.  If the Sparkling Still Working Group has made a comment about a title, the 'comment bubble' will be filled in as in the example below.


Tags are a very useful way to find books on a topic.  We have used tags to identify the various categories of books in Sparkling Still.  To bring all of the books on Hard Issues together, we've  used the abbreviation HI before listing the special topic. Similarly, we've used a T to identify the Testimonies, and TR to identify Teacher Resources. All of the titles in the original Sparkling Still will also include the tag SS.  We intend to add new titles as we find them  but these new titles will not have the SS tag. To view the Tags, click the Tags button in the menu bar.  To see a list of books tagged with a specific topic, just click the Tag title.  The number following the tag indicates how many titles have been tagged with that topic.


The Book Detail page (reached by clicking the torn page icon just to the left of the green plus sign in the far right column of a listing of book titles) will provide additional details about the book including the ISBN to help you locate the book at the library or your favorite bookseller.  Since many of the book cover images are pulled from Amazon, there is a link at the right of the book detail page directly to Amazon for ordering if you choose to use them.  You may want to check the QuakerBooks site to see if it is available from them as well.