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Faith & Play™ New Edition Here!

It is with pleasure and a deep sense of collaboration that Quaker Press of FGC and the Faith & Play Group offer to Friends, and friends of Friends, this revised and expanded edition of Faith & Play™: Quaker Stories for Friends Trained in the Godly Play® Method.

These carefully crafted stories employ an experiential method based on the work of Maria Montessori and later refined by The Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman as part of the Godly Play® approach to telling Bible stories. Like Godly Play, Faith & Play™ stories involve use of simple, engaging materials around which a storytelling circle gathers to explore experiences and concepts at their own pace and development level. The stories are open to continuing revelation and encourage understanding and participating more fully in our Quaker faith and practice.

In the revised and expanded edition, stories have been refined based on ten years of experience and feedback from storytellers and listeners. New sections have been added, with additional resources for storytellers and templates for creating materials. This book is recommended both for those already using Faith & Play™ and for new users. Faith & Play™ stories are used in religious education programs in Friends meetings and churches, multigenerational worship, in homes, and in Quaker schools across the country.

Joy Duncan, Illinois Yearly Meeting Religious Education Coordinator, shares: “Faith & Play™ is more than a tool for First Day School. It is a spiritual experience that is shared by all Friends involved -- religious educators, children, adults, and multigenerational groups. These stories of Quaker faith, practice, and witness are an invitation for all of us to get closer to the mystery of the Presence of God and to wonder about our own spirituality in a way that makes room for everyone.”

Sparkling Still co-author Anne Collins adds: “Using beautiful materials and Godly Play storytelling and community-building techniques, Faith & Play™ stories enable me to share with children the tools of faith that can open minds and hearts to the Spirit. I commend this lovely, valuable, extraordinary resource to you. Share the stories with children, youth and adults -- they are a gift!”

Paperback: ISBN 978-0-9993823-2-5 $20

eBook: ISBN 978-0-9993823-3-2 $12

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