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Traveling Ministers and Visiting Friends

Does your meeting need someone to help you refocus on the Spirit? Would you profit from someone to help you learn some inreach, outreach, or inclusion skills? Could an encouraging Friendly presence in person or via Skype or telephone support you? Traveling Ministers and Visiting Friends is meant to help connect Friends with gifts of ministry to Quaker meetings who desire spiritual and practical support.

From 1998 to 2015, FGC provided individualized spiritual support for Quaker meetings through its Traveling Ministries Program, Quaker Quest Training Teams, and New Meetings Project Mentors. Many of these experience Friends are available to continue their valuable work of providing:

·         weekend retreats and workshops

·         nurture  and instruction for deepening the quality of meeting for worship

·         help for building your faith community

·         a way to share spiritual journeys and build community

·         assistance for working through issues and conflicts in the community with love

·         ways to deepen the experience of meeting for worship with attention to business

·         and more.

Who will visit our meeting?

While FGC no longer matches traveling ministers with local meetings, we offer this list of Friends who have traveled in ministry for FGC in the past. As noted above, they have experience in the three areas in which you’ll find them listed below. While we have put the names in only one of the three categories, many of these Friends have worked in multiple areas. Your meeting will be able to connect direct with the traveling ministers and decide who to invite based on who best fits your meeting’s needs and culture. 

You’ll want to look at the recommended reading materials before making any contacts. These materials are designed to help you identify the Friends you who could be of most service to you and give you background into the process and expectations of having a traveling minister visit.

The Meeting's Responsibilities in Preparing for a Visitor

Who Will Visit My Meeting?

Travel Documents and Endorsements

Suggestions for a Spirit-led Visit


The Friends listed here have been part of the Traveling Ministries Program which connected Friends with the gifts of Ministry to Quaker meetings requesting spiritual support.

The Friends listed here have traveled across the United States and Canada helping meetings through programs designed to assist meetings in becoming welcoming, deep, and warm.

Meeting mentors received training to help them "walk alongside" a meeting over an extended period as it works on its challenges and opportunities. It is a process that includes prayer, worship, on-going dialogue, questioning, research, learning and reflection.