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Daily Bulletin Announcement Submission Form

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The Daily Bulletin Announcement Submission Form

The Daily Bulletin's purpose is to share information about events during the Gathering.


Submission Procedures


  1. All submissions must be turned into the FGC Info Desk in the Joe Rosenfield Center by 4:00 PM on Sunday and Monday and 2:00 PM Tuesday through Thursday. Submissions dropped off after those deadlines cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Submissions of any length are subject to being edited.
  3. News and events will be printed only once and will not be repeated.
  4. Announcements should be restricted to events and changes in room, date, or time.
  5. The Daily Bulletin does not print personals, Lost and Found, announcements about events not related to the Gathering, or any announcement deemed by the editor to be inappropriate.
  6. If your event has already been announced in the FGC daily sheets in the check-in packet, and there are no changes, please understand that we will only include it if there is room. The Bulletin is not intended to be a comprehensive list of every event at the Gathering. We prioritize new events and last minute changes.

Announcement submitted by:

Please fill in every detail that is applicable. It is not necessary to repeat information.