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Everyone is always welcome at a Quaker worship.

In worship Friends gather into silent, expectant waiting. We hold ourselves open to the Light and reach for the divine center of our being. We know the center to be a place of peace, love, and balance, where we are at one with the universe and with each other.

About Quaker Finder

FGC will list Quaker meetings and churches on Quaker Finder whose Yearly Meetings are located primarily in the United States and Canada. For U.S. and Canadian-based Yearly Meetings who have formally-affiliated Monthly Meeting and Worship Groups in Mexico (such as through Pacific Yearly Meeting), we will also list these Mexican Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups. At this time, we do not have resources to list Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups that are not located in the U.S. or Canada, or that are not formally affiliated with a U.S. or Canadian-based Yearly Meeting and based in Mexico.

17030 Yonge St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 8V3 (Canada)
Monthly Meeting
135 West Philadelphia Street, York, PA 17401 (United States)
(717) 814-8437
Monthly Meeting