Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

Laughing Waters Friends Preparative Meeting

Varies (see notes)
Minneapolis, MN 55417
United States
(612) 702-1333
First Day School
Adult Study

We meet in multiple locations.

On second Sunday (First Day), we meet at St James on the Parkway church at 3225 E Minnehaha Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55417, which is wheelchair accessible.

On third Sunday (First Day), we have potluck and worship sharing around queries at a member's house near Chicago Ave. and Lake St. in Minneapolis, which is also accessible.

On fourth Sunday (First Day) we meet at a member's farm in Dundas, Minnesota, which is not accessible. Details on our web site.

Worship Times: 
Every Week Sunday/First Day 1:30 PM