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SoulCollage®: Images of the Soul

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Carole McNamee
Who may register?: 
Adult Only (high school with permission)
Experiential Activities: 
half gathering attenders welcome
First half (Monday-Wednesday)
Second half (Wednesday/Thursday-Friday)

Collage lets us engage with images that hold personal meaning for us. Using the Soul Collage® process, we will discern the wisdom of our personally selected images. As we explore, we may be surprised, bemused, even amused. We are always enlightened. Glue, images, scissors–anyone can do this!

Workshop Description

What is Soulcollage® ?

Developed by Seena Frost, SoulCollage® is a process that involves the selection of personal images from magazines, photos, and other sources. These images are cut, and assembled in meaningful ways onto blank 'cards' creating a personal deck of collaged cards.   Each card provides a form of self-reflection and thus its own contribution to our 'deck.' Once a card is created, we learn techniques that help us 'dialog' with it to discern its meaning and/or message.

Do I have to be an artist?

Absolutely not! Anyone can do it! We use scissors, glue, magazine images and playfulness. Bring a willingness to play and an openness to your images.

Continuing the Soulcollage® journey or
So what do I do with the cards after I make them?

We use written exercises and small group discussions to help discern any meanings that our cards hold for us. Sometimes this process is called a 'reading.' Readings can occur in the context of a particular concern or question and can be done alone or in community. Cards can be used to facilitate life review, personal growth, and meaning making, or just for fun! They serve to enlighten, challenge, and amuse!

"You will love making these cards, love finding their meanings, and love sharing them with others. The deck becomes your visual journal. When you hold your cards in your hands, it is like holding up a reflection of your many-faceted self."
--- Seena Frost, Author and creator of SoulCollage®


  • Understand the theoretical framework for the SoulCollage® process. 
  • Experience the SoulCollage® process. 
    • Creation of intuitively-accessed small collages
    • Learn process for discerning the wisdom of our images
  • Demonstrate appropriate responses to SoulCollage® creations and creative work in general.
  • Understand the practical, legal, and ethical issues specific to the use of images and SoulCollage®.

Topics to be covered

  • Overview of the SoulCollage® process
  • Introduction to the themes as expressed in images (archetypal patterns, community, self, …)
  • Experiencing the SoulCollage® process, including ”I am one who …” , use of collage to access inner wisdom, archetypal energies, community resources, readings, etc. 

Each day will include a check in, brief description of the activity for the day, followed by engagement in the activity (creating cards, guided visualizations, readings, …), and will close with 20-30 of worship sharing.

Recommended Reading:   SoulCollage® Evolving by Seena Frost

For those new to or continuing with SoulCollage®, all materials will be provided. 

For continuing SoulCollagers please bring your cards and any materials --- glue, scissors,… --- that you prefer to use. 

For both new and continuing SoulCollagers, you are encouraged to bring a folder of images that have meaning for you or that you are somehow attracted to as you leaf through magazines or other sources.

Leader Experience

Carole has led small groups on both mandalas and SoulCollage® at the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology (FCRP) and the Washington FCRP annual meetings as well as in local religious organizations.  In secular settings, she has taught expressive arts workshops focused on healing and personal growth locally, regionally, and nationally.  Additionally, Carole has taught graduate courses at Virginia Tech on the use of expressive arts as a therapeutic modality.  All of these experiences have focused on personal experience as a touchstone for individual learning. Mark McNamee, also a SoulCollage® facilitator, will be providing additional support for this workshop.