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FULL - Couple Enrichment: A Spiritual Practice

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Workshop Number: 
Michael Green, Marsha Green
Who may register?: 
Couples Only
Experiential Activities: 
only full time attenders (participants should attend all week)

Workshop timeslot: Saturday (July 3) - three 90-minute sessions
Audio-only participation?: No

Come explore the spiritual practice of Couple Dialogue - a way of being with your partner that asks you to listen deeply, speak compassionately, and hold each other lovingly. In this safe and sacred space, we invite couples to reconnect with their beloved and to the Spirit within and between them.

Workshop Description

This workshop is for couples in a committed relationship who wish to dedicate time to deepening their capacity for intimacy, communication, and connecting to the Spirit that has brought them together. It is offered under the care of Friends Couple Enrichment, an organization that has its roots in Friends General Conference. 

The workshop will introduce and provide opportunities for you and your beloved to practice a form of structured dialogue that allows you to come to know each other more deeply. This “couple dialogue” is at the heart of a Friends Couple Enrichment workshop. Participants in the workshop will witness others’ dialogues, holding each couple in a supportive circle of love, but not commenting on the content of any dialogue. (Click here for our guidelines). 

The workshop will also offer opportunities for you to practice other activities that enrich a relationship, such as the sharing of gratitudes, assessing the strengths of your relationship, and creating a shared sense of how to move forward together. We will invite you to participate in all activities at a level that is comfortable for you. 

The format of this workshop is three 90 minute sessions on Saturday, July 3. Couples should attend all three sessions, and we encourage you to join the Zoom call from one computer so that you can interact easily with each other as well as with other couples on the call. We may offer short “assignments” that can be done before the first session or in the 60-minute breaks between sessions. These “assignments” may be helpful in preparing for activities during the 3 sessions. 

For more information about Friends Couple Enrichment, visit On the home page you will find a QuakerSpeak video: “Friends Couple Enrichment: Peacemaking Begins at Home.”