Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Daily Extended Meeting for Worship

Workshop Number: 
Jorge Arauz
Who may register?: 
Open to All
Experiential Activities: 
part-time attenders welcome (can come any day; some might only attend Thursday or Friday)
half gathering attenders welcome
First half (Monday-Wednesday)
Second half (Wednesday/Thursday-Friday)

We gather in worship, each in his or her own way, opening ourselves to the divine flow, entrusting our souls to God's infinite love and care.

Workshop Description

We gather with the intention of partaking ever more fully in the infinite love and goodness of Spirit.
Letting go of human hands to guide our path, we boldly entrust our safety and our care to our Inner Guide, to the One who knows us fully, and in whom we come to a fuller knowledge of ourselves.
As last year's description read, ''We come together 'in Spirit and Truth' (John 4:24). In the simplicity and fullness of our encounter with our Source we find our own spirit and our own truth; we find our real identity...''
And, as we recognize and own our true selves, we encounter our true power also, and the freedom that belongs to those who seek truth

Leader Experience

I have facilitated many kinds of workshops and retreats in religious and secular settings. Most importantly, I am a seeker after the true waters of Life. I cherish worship, as a privileged place for the transforming encounter with truth, the searing and healing, personal and eternal, truth that sets us free. During the week, I see my role simply as that of a host and a housekeeper, whose task is to prepare the space, welcome Friends, be present, and join them in God's presence. At times, an ad-hoc “care committee” has emerged from the worship community, with Friends who feel a particular call to participate in the care of the extended meeting for worship community. This committee would gather as needed to assess and identify ways to meet the needs of the community. This has been a precious source of support and counsel for my service through the week.