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Bible Half Hour with Carl Magruder

NEW! Transcripts for Bible Half Hour Days One through Four

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Evening Programs

Monday Evening Program: Prayer, Poetry, and Music in the midst of Quarantine and Injustice by Dr. Amanda Kemp, Dr. Michael T. Jamanis, and Matthew Woodson

Tuesday Evening Program: A Panel on Moving Forward: Visions of the Future with Dr. Mica Estrada, Kallan Benson, Kenyatta James, and George Lakey

Recording unavailable. Watch video messages from the panelists here.

Wednesday Evening Program: A Performance by City Love

Wednesday Night Introduction to QUAKERS The Quiet Revolutionaries by Janet Gardner and Dick Nurse

Learn more about the documentary here.

Thursday Evening Program: Valarie Kaur

Watch Valarie's presentation online through Monday, August 3rd!

Learn more about presenter Valarie Kaur here.

Introduction of the 2021 FGC Gathering