Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

Description of Workgrants

With the exception of Junior Gathering support staff, workgrants are most appropriate for Friends who have previously attended the Gathering. Here is a sampling of workgrants.

Workgrant Type Dollar Value
2018 Draft Workgrant Values
100% $830
75% $622
50% $415
40% $332
25% $207

Newsletter Editor (100%) and Newsletter Assistant (50%): This is a daily job. Before the Gathering it involves reviewing the submission form, updating it, and providing webtext about “How to Submit Material” for the Daily Bulletin. During the Gathering it requires collecting submissions, confirming notices of meetings, screening items for appropriateness based on Gathering policies, editing items as needed, and meeting with the Conference Coordinator daily to review the draft bulletin.

Gathering Truck Driver (100%): Drive a full-size moving truck from Philadelphia to the Gathering on the 28th or 29th of June, and driving it back to Philadelphia on the 8th or 9th of July. The driver needs to pick up the truck for loading the day before departure, and return the truck after unloading on the 10th.

Lend-A-Hand Coordinator (60%): Take the lead on organizing the Lend-A-Hand Table, about 4 hours a day. The Lend-A-Hand Coordinator, with the help of an assistant, is responsible for soliciting and organizing volunteers throughout the week of the Gathering. This includes:

  • carriers of trays during meal times for those who are physically challenged, who have small children, or for any other reason they need help;
  • ushers for beginning and ending worship as well as the evening plenaries;
  • junior gathering helpers, for clean-up/set-up at the beginning of the week,  clean-up/pack-up at the end of the week and during the week as requested;
  • volunteers to set-up and take down chairs for outdoor concerts as scheduled and requested;
  • help with luggage at Check In and again at departure;
  • Friends to help pack up the bookstore and load boxes into the truck (Friday afternoon and evening)
  • people to sit at the Lend-A-Hand table.

The Coordinator should be in contact with Gathering Subcommittee clerks prior to the Gathering to start to collect needs for volunteers. Friday and Saturday early housing costs (but not meals) are waived for the Coordinator but not for family members.

The Lend-A-Hand Assistant (40%): Expected to work about 3 hours a day. Saturday (and if necessary, Friday) housing costs but not meals are waived for the Assistant but not for family members. There are no assistant responsibilities prior to arriving at the Gathering site.

Book Store Gopher (25%): for a Friend with lots of physical energy who can help set up the store on Saturday and Sunday, and provide a little bit of help later i the week.  Does NOT conflict with morning workshops, nor with most evening programs.

High School Counselor (100%): for Friends who want to devote their Gathering to a wonderful group of High School Friends.  Involves living in the High School dorm.  Training for Counselors begins Friday evening.

Information Desk - no mornings (40%): take a workshop and work 3-4 hours/day at the Information Desk.

Junior Gathering evening support staff (40%): work M-F 6:30 pm-9 pm plus attend training from 11am on Sunday 7/1. 

Junior Gathering morning support staff (50%): work M-F 8:30 am-noon plus attend training from 11am on Sunday 7/1.

First Aid (50%) The volunteer staffs a First Aid station for one to one and a half hours per day (at an advertised location) and also being on call for response and advice when medical incidents happen. Should know CPR.

Photographer (50%). High quality portraits and group photos capturing the vitality of the Gathering. For an experienced photographer who can share a sample of previous work with FGC staff.

Pre-Gathering office support (25-60%): work in Philadelphia office during the work week in May and June. Familiarity with Word and Excel needed.  This year there is a strong need for Friends skilled with Excel, including logic, complex sorting, and Vlookup.  (We don't need math or budgeting skills.)

Truck Loading and Unloading (25%):  load and unload the Gathering truck in Philadelphia before and after the Gathering.