Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

Allow Gathering Email

Keep our emails out of your spam folder!

The Gathering office uses email to communicate critical information to attenders! Please make sure our emails will get to you by telling your email client to allow all emails originating from the following domains. (CVENT is the registration software we use.)

The email could come from different specific senders at FGC or CVENT.  Perhaps your email client will recognize  *  and * to indicate that you want all emails from FGC and CVENT.

Click here to see instructions for adding FGC email addresses in various email applications.  For Gmail users read our step by step instructions.

Having trouble with these instructions? Found a better way? Let us know!


It is possible for other computers to masquerade as someone you know, making it look like e-mail is coming from us when it isn't. We will never send you a zip file or an executable program file (has .zip or .exe at the end), and we only send weblinks which we identify as Gathering-related. Use caution when clicking on a link, and feel free to call us if you are not sure something came from one of us (215-561-1700, option 2 on the menu).