Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

Meals at the Gathering

Full-time and Half-Gathering registrants have these choices regarding food during the Gathering.  Each registrant makes one choice for the period starting with dinner on Sunday, June 30, through lunch on Saturday, July 6 (or throughout their half-Gathering registration period). 

  • Three meals a day in the cafeteria
  • Two meals a day (lunch and dinner) in the cafeteria
  • Cafeteria breakfast and lunch, plus a cooperatively cooked dinner (full-time registrants only)
  • Cafeteria lunch, plus a cooperatively cooked dinner (full-time registrants only)
  • No meal plan (off-campus housing only)

View meal plan fees. Children 5 years and under eat for free, older children and teens have 50% of their meal costs covered. Commuters may choose a meal plan or purchase individual meals for cash. Part-time attenders may purchase individual meals for cash. Non-cafeteria options can be found on the Gathering FAQ page.

Special Diets: Vegetarian and vegan and gluten-free dishes will be a part of all meals. Friends with medical dietary needs may be accommodated in the college cafeteria if they provide specific information about their requirements when they register.

Pre-Gathering meals - (Friday dinner 6/28 - Sunday lunch 6/30)

Attenders of pre-Gathering retreats, or those who are otherwise on campus starting Friday night 6/28, can choose to purchase a pre-Gathering meal package. Options are either:

Pre-Gathering Meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner): Fri. dinner, Sat. breakfast, lunch, dinner; Sun. breakfast, lunch

Pre-Gathering Meals (lunch, dinner): Fri. dinner; Sat. lunch, dinner; Sun. lunch

View pre-Gathering meal plan fees. Friends attending the Quakers and Business conference should NOT register for a pre-Gathering meal plan, as many of their meals are included in the cost of the retreat.