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Family Housing Details and Examples

Family Housing Overview

At the 2018 Gathering, only air conditioned rooms are available.

Family housing is available with air conditioning for the 2018 Gathering. This year all dorms are air conditioned. The double dorm rooms are attached to a small shared living room and a shared bathroom. There are no kitchens, refrigerators, or microwaves available in the dorms. There are a limited number of single rooms with air conditioning. There is also the option to commute or stay in an RV (learn more about all housing options.)

When you choose "double” from the housing options, you are choosing one bed in a room with two beds. Two children age 11 or younger may sleep on the floor of a double room, if both beds have been paid for. High Schoolers are in their own dorm, and so are not included in the following information.

Family Housing Details

  1. If you are one adult who chooses a double room with one child on the floor, the Gathering housing team will try to match you with another parent-child pair in a double room.  If we are unable, you will have to pay for a bed for your child.
  2. A child may not sleep on the floor unless all beds in that room are full.
  3. For a family with three people who MUST have beds (e.g., two parents and 14 year old), the Gatheirng housing team will try to find a roommate for your older child, since they may not sleep on the floor.
  4. A child age 11 and younger may sleep in a bed, even though they are eligible to sleep on the floor.  Double room fee applies. 
  5. Youth middle school age and younger may not register for a single room.

Family Housing Scenarios

(A/C = air conditioning.  No A/C = no air conditioning)

The following scenarios show what housing options are available for various family configurations, and what each option would cost.  Look at the scenarios below and find the one that is most similar to your own family.  Remember:  a child 11 years of age and younger is eligible to sleep on the floor. Children older than 11 years must have a bed. 

The costs on this page reflect ONLY housing costs (without guaranteed private bathrooms). Families must also pay program fee(s) and meal fees. Please read a definition of the Family Discount  which also applies to college students through age 23 who register with a parent, grandparent, or younger sibling.

Example 1: One parent, one 7 year-old

Option 1A: Parent and child in beds. Parent and child both choose "a/c double." They are housed in a room with two beds.

 A/C housing costs: $267+$175 = $442

Option 1B: Parent in bed, child on floor, wanting roommates.  Parent chooses "double", child chooses "floor." Parents choosing this option must be willing to upgrade to Option 1A if FGC cannot find suitable parent-child roommates.

A/C housing costs: $267+$55 = $322

Example 2: Two adults, one 7 year-old

All in one room. Adults both choose "a/c double," child "on floor."

A/C housing costs: $267 + $267 + $55 = $589

Example 3: Two adults, one 11 year-old, one 5 year-old

Option 3A: Everyone in beds: Everyone chooses "double a/c rooms." Family will be housed in two rooms next to each other.

A/C housing costs: $267+$267+$175+$175 = $884

Option 3B: Adults in beds, children on floor: Adults choose "a/c double", children choose "on floor" Family will be housed in one room.

A/C housing costs: $267+$267+$55+$0 = $589

Example 4: Two adults, one 14 year-old, one 10 year-old

Option 4A: Everyone in beds.  A/C: The family will be housed in two neighboring double rooms.

A/C housing costs: $267+$267+$175+$175 = $884

Option 4BB: 10 year-old on floor, everyone else in beds.   A/C: The two adults and the 10 year-old will be housed in one room, and the 14 year-old housed with a roommate of the similar age and gender.

A/C housing costs: $267+$267+$175+$55 = $764

Example 5: One adult, one 14 year-old, one 7 year-old

Option 5A: Parent in bed, older child in bed, younger child on the floor.   Parent and older child select "a/c double" and younger child chooses floor. Everyone is together in a room

A/C housing costs: $267+$175+$55 = $497

Option 5B: Everyone in beds.  Each person chooses "a/c double." In this scenario, the 14 year-old will be placed in a nearby room with a roommate of similar age and gender.

A/C housing costs: $267+$175+$175 = $617


Example 6: One adult, one 4 year-old, one 8 year-old

Parent in bed, one child in bed, one child on the floor.  Adult and 8- year-old choose "a/c double" to share a room, 4 year-old chooses "floor."

A/C housing costs: $267+$175+$0 = $442



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