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Housing and Dining

Grinnell campus
Mac field next to the student center & dormsMac field next to the student center & dorms
East side dorms
West side dormsWest side dorms

This information is for 2019. Please check back in winter 2020 for information about Radford's campus.

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Dorm Accommodations

The Gathering begins Sunday June 30. On-campus housing (including camping) during the Gathering is available only for full and half-Gathering attenders. Housing on Friday, June 28 is limited to those attending a Pre-Gathering Event and approved volunteers. Prior to Friday, June 28, housing is only available to staff and approved volunteers. On-campus housing is not available after Saturday morning, July 6.

General Housing Information: There are several grouping of dorms on campus. All are located fairly centrally since the campus is a small compact site. There are older dorm buildings where it requires a few steps up to the first floor and there is not an elevator. There are accessible dorms with elevators that are both AC and non-AC. There are a limited number of accessible ADA dorm rooms available. It will not be possible to locate all clusters in dorms with elevators.

There is one refrigerator for each dorm and it will be reserved for those with medical needs. Please bring a cooler for snack and food needs.

The College will provide two bed sheets, a pillow, a pillowcase, a towel & washcloth, and a light blanket for all beds. You may want to consider bringing an extra blanket. No linens are provided for children sleeping on the floor. Please bring a bedroll and towels for children on the floor.

Internet Access: The College reports that there is free wireless in all of the rooms of all of the dorms, and throughout campus

Non A/C Standard Dorm Rooms: There are multiple dorms on campus without air conditioning. They are traditional style dorm rooms with one or two beds along a corridor with a shared hall bathroom.

A/C Standard Dorm Rooms:There are multiple dorms on campus with air conditioning. They are traditional style dorm rooms with one or two beds along a corridor with a shared hall bathroom.

Housing Clusters

All registrants (except High School Program participants) are assigned to general housing unless they choose a specific housing cluster. Read more about housing clusters.

Friends with concerns about the availability of housing, bathrooms, or other Gathering facilities appropriate to their gender identity and expression are welcome to contact the Gender Diversity Liaison for information and support.

Tent Camping

FGC has arranged for an area on campus for tent camping, near the other dorms we'll be using between the dorms and the railroad track. There is a per-person fee for camping. There is only one tent per site.

Bathrooms will be available on campus in the dorms. Read more about camping.

RVs On Campus

One parking lot is available for small RVs under these conditions: 

  • The standard fee is for an RV which fits in one parking space.  If your RV is larger, please call or email the Gathering office, 215-561-1700 option 2.
  • No electrical, water or sewage hookups.
  • Friends select RV camping when they complete the registration form.

Friends in this RV-camping lot may use a dorm bathroom with showers on campus. They must choose an on-campus meal plan (they may not choose the "no meals" option).


We have arranged for a discount with the Hotel Grinnell, a short walking distance from campus. There are other hotel and motel options in the area. Learn more about Gathering hotel options.


The Gathering meals will be all-you-care-to-eat.  Read more about meal plan choices and special diets.

Early Arrivals

Early housing: Friends arriving before Sunday, June 30 for a pre-Gathering event or workgrant pay Early Arrival room fees (a few early volunteers may receive an early housing fee waiver.)

Early meals: The Gathering meal plan begins with dinner on Sunday evening, June 30. Attenders of pre-Gathering retreats, or those who are otherwise on campus starting Friday night 6/28, can choose to purchase a pre-Gathering meal package that goes from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch. See the pre-Gathering meal plan options. If you want just one or two meals, you will be able to purchase them on site in the cafeteria (at a price higher than pre-purchased meals.) There are also several restaurants and cafes in easy walking distance of campus.

High School early arrival: Please read special arrangments and responsibilities regarding early arrival by High Schoolers.

No Pets

Pets are not allowed at the Gathering. Trained service animals are permitted - please arrange in advance with the Gathering Office.