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Gathering Fees

This information was for the 2020 Virtual Gathering. Check back in late winter 2021 for fees for the 2021 Gathering.

For the Virtual Gathering, fees are "Pay as Led".

Pay as Led is a method of offering sliding scale pricing. We have three set price categories, as well as a fourth option, "Choose Your Price," where you can write-in a different price that you are able to pay. We ask that you prayerfully consider your financial resources and the value you believe the Gathering brings to your life and to Friends. Based on this personal reflection, we invite you to pay as you are led, and to make any donation that feels appropriate to you.

When you register for the Virtual Gathering, you will first choose your events package - how much of the Virtual Gathering you are planning to attend. Then you will select your Pay as Led price.

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Event Packages

There are several choices for how much of the Virtual Gathering you can register to attend. We are offering the following options:

Full Program: This package includes access to Evening Programs, Worship Sharing, Afternoon Activities, Bible Half-Hour, and one Workshop

Workshops Plus: This package includes access to Worship Sharing, Afternoon Activities, Bible Half-Hour, and one Workshop (it does not include evening programs)

Evening Programs Plus: This package includes access to Evening Programs, Worship Sharing, Afternoon Activities, & Bible Half-Hour (it does not include workshops)

Evening Programs Only: This package only includes access to Evening Programs. You may also choose to sign-up for Worship Sharing.

Adult Young Friends pre-Gathering only: This option is for young adults (age 18-35) who only are able to attend the weekend Adult Young Friends pre-Gathering program. The Adult Young Friends weekend program can also be added onto any of the above packages. 

High School Program: For youth who have completed 9th grade - age 18. This package includes access to everything listed in Full Program above, plus High School Program sessions. The only mandatory part of the High School Program is support groups (you choose your preferred support group time when you register.) 

Junior Gathering: For youth aged 0-14 (rising 9th grade). This package includes access to Afternoon Activities, including Junior Gathering afternoon programming, and Evening Programs. There is no charge for Junior Gathering registrants. 

Read more about Programs & Events at the Virtual Gathering 

"Pay as Led" fee scale

  • Abundant Sharing: this amount covers the cost of your attendance plus an extra amount towards others attending, helping to equalize the cost for everyone
  • Traditional Cost: this amount covers some of the virtual costs and staff time 
  • Limited Resources: for those with more limited financial resources, but who want to pay a set price
  • Choose Your Price: if none of the above options seem right for you, you can write-in your own price 
  Abundant Sharing Traditional Cost Limited Resources Choose Your Price
Full Program - Adult (age 36+) $311.25 $249 $124.50 $0-1000+
Full Program - Young Adult (age 18-35) $256.25 $205 $102.50 $0-1000+
Full Program - High School $100 $80 $40 $0-1000+
Full Program - Junior Gathering no charge no charge no charge  
Workshops Plus - Adult $187.50 $150 $75 $0-1000+
Workshops Plus - Young Adult $121.25 $97 $48.50 $0-1000+
Evening Programs Plus - Adult $187.50 $150 $75 $0-1000+
Evening Programs Plus - Young Adult $121.25 $97 $48.50 $0-1000+
Evening Programs Only - Adult $125 $100 $50 $0-1000+
Evening Programs Only - Young Adult $68.75 $55 $27.50 $0-1000+

Additional Programs

Adult Young Friends pre-Gathering $12.50 $10 $5 $0-1000+
Retreat for People of Color and their Families - Adult, Young Adult & High School $12.50 $10 $5 $0-1000+
Retreat for People of Color and their Families - Children No charge No charge No charge  
Second Workshop $100 $80 $40 $0-1000+


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Payments and Deposits

Please pay your balance within two weeks of registering to confirm your registration (or before the start of the Virtual Gathering if you are registering less than two weeks before the start of the Virtual Gathering.) We prefer payment online via debit or credit card, due to limited mail access at this time.

If you did not pay your full balance when you registered, here are instructions for how to make a payment online.

Canadian Payments: Payments made in Canadian dollars will be credited with the prevailing exchange rate at our financial institution on the day of deposit.

Cancellation Fees

Read our full cancellation policy

  • Cancellation must be in writing (email preferred) or completed online by the registrant
  • Cancel by June 25: incur a charge of $25 per person ($100 maximum per family.)
  • Cancel after June 25: no refunds - full balance is due. (Some exceptions will be made for extraordinary circumstances.)

Learn more about half-Gathering options, payments, deposits, cancellations, and additional fees.

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