Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice


Workshops offer Gathering attenders the opportunity to be immersed in a topic with other interested Friends. Attenders stay in the same workshop throughout the week, helping form a mini-community within the Gathering. Each workshop meets from 9:00-11:45 AM each weekday. Most workshops include worship or worship-sharing each day.

2017 Workshop Descriptions

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This workshop on faith and nonviolent direct action will be highly experiential, and will integrate intergenerational stories of action and radical faithfulness into each day, while participants of all ages learn the basics of nonviolent direct action campaigning. On Thursday, participants will have an opportunity to practice worshipful action.

Workshop Number 34 | Lina Blount | Walter Hjelt Sullivan

Learn and share the Zentangle method of meditative drawing and other art techniques to recognize your own gifts and those of others. We will build community as we create and share with each other, exploring ways to share art as a peace-making process. Let's create Visual ripples where Spirit moves!

Workshop Number 35 | Sadelle Wiltshire

We plan to experience a greater union with the Spirit in our lives.  We will study the teachings of George Fox, Rex Ambler, Thomas Kelly, Edgar Cayce, and the Bible and strengthen these with guided meditations and worship sharing. We will also learn and daily practice an easy Tai Chi.

Workshop Number 37 | Jerry Knutson

Experience the Quaker perspective on body balancing, a high ropes course, spinning poi, hiking, and more. We will practice challenging physical activities that clear mental distractions, promote present-centeredness, and harness physical energy towards spiritual experience. Come be vibrant in body and spirit! Activity fee: $14.00 CASH (financial aid available).

Workshop Number 37 | MaryHelen Lewis | Jessica Klaassen-Wright

When was the last time you were free of worry, really laughed, and your entire body relaxed? This workshop is for seekers and the weary to rest. We’ll learn simple forms of energy work, clothes-on massage, or meditation each morning, working in pairs. All abilities welcome. Oodles of grace.

Workshop Number 39 | John Calvi

Discover how digital photography can help you see the world around you more clearly and experience it more deeply. Explore a variety of practices that will open new ways of seeing and being present, grow your Quaker faith, and connect you more closely with yourself, your environment, and your community.

Workshop Number 44 | Peter West Nutting

We know we should be thinking about end of life decisions.  This workshop will allow ample time to reflect on and discuss those myriad decisions in the context of our shared values as Friends.  We will also consider the Spiritual Opportunities of Aging. Participants will complete an end of life workbook. ($10 fee)

Workshop Number 45 | Anita Paul

This is principally a movement workshop. We will discover the experiences of body awareness, movement, internal energy (chi), and meditative practice. Participants will be taught a simplified tai chi form called Tai Chi Chih. We'll also explore selections of the Taoist contemplative classic, the Tao Te Ching.

Workshop Number 46 | John Smallwood

This writing workshop will encourage you to look back over your spiritual journey and explore its struggles, questions, and experiences. The part of you that is always listening to the whispers of God will open more fully, listen more deeply, and guide you into sharing that journey in narrative form.

Workshop Number 48 | Ellen Michaud

Start a ripple of conversation in your relationship that radiates into communities in desperate need of love. As couples we use witnessed dialogues and other practices to say and hear what's most important. Experience deep connection and new understandings. Let your relationship grow and change in the Spirit of love.

Workshop Number 49 | Nancy Bronder | Philip Major