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Workshops offer Gathering adults and high school participants the opportunity to be immersed in a topic with other interested Friends. Friends stay in the same workshop throughout the week, forming a small community within the Gathering. Each workshop meets from 9:00 to 11:45AM, Monday-Friday during Gathering. Most workshops include daily worship or worship sharing.

Workshop registrations are temporarily closed. You can read information on the website, and then choose a workshop when you check in at the Gathering.

Frequently Asked Questions about workshops

2018 Workshop Descriptions

Click on the workshop title to read a detailed description. Use the filter tools to display workshop by audience type (age group), or by keyword. Workshops marked with * are for different levels of experience - learn more about anti-racism workshop levels. Workshops leaders will be adding more details to their workshop pages over the winter. You can sign up on the Gathering email list to be notified when the expanded descriptions are available.

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Early Friends felt called to model a new relationship with God, each other, and all of creation. Today’s religious, civil and social structures still support an order contrary to the principles that animated early Quakerism. This workshop will explore those principles and consider what they require of us today.

Workshop Number 21 | Paul Buckley

Explore root causes of conflict and how skilled peacemakers (including key Quakers) approach resolving it. We’ll look at models for understanding conflict’s roots and at how to make a positive difference when things get hot. Peacemaking Friends Curle, Richardson, Prutzman, Kreidler, Boulding, Beer, Lakey and others will be featured!

Workshop Number 22 | Bill Warters

Sanctuary Everywhere: This interactive workshop by AFSC will explore tools to increase safety for targeted communities, including Black, Muslim, and undocumented communities. We will practice bystander intervention, learn what it means to become a Sanctuary congregation, and explore alternatives to policing. 

Workshop Number 23 | Lori Fernald Khamala

The apostle Paul’s quotes often resonate for Friends despite the dissonance we feel toward the Paul described by Christian tradition. In this workshop, we will re-consider Paul's Letter to the Romans in its context, listen for the story world it constructs, and explore together its spirituality of faithfulness.

Workshop Number 24 | Andrew Wright

Since 2003, Quaker Institute for the Future (QIF) has led Friends in research on challenges in human-Earth relationships such as climate change. QIF provides space for Friends with diverse experience and knowledge to seek Truth about these questions in a Spirit-led way.  We will learn from QIF's experience.

Workshop Number 25 | Geoff Garver | Gray Cox

The Sacred Harp is a vigorous, four-part, a capella hymn singing tradition that many Friends find to strengthen their experience as Quakers. New singers will learn and experienced singers will grow in their appreciation of the Sacred Harp. We will emphasize connecting the Sacred Harp to Quaker practice.

Workshop Number 26 | Paul Landskroener | Carol Crawford

Strong and shy singers are welcome to join this circle of f/Friends singing rounds, spirituals, sacred chants, peace, fun and world songs in the oral tradition. Singing together will energize our bodies and nurture our souls, with music that affirms our diversity, reflects our beauty, and celebrates our unity.

Workshop Number 27 | Ruth Fitz

This workshop teaches a philosophy and skill set to generate and support compassionate, productive, healing discussion on contentious issues (as encountered in personal, social, organizational, and political contexts). Participants will have opportunities to practice and reflect upon these skills for stimulating compassionate dialogue. Based on Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication method.

Workshop Number 28 | Claire Bates | Thea Torek

Climate change is now a fundamental crisis of our time interlocked with other critical social justice issues. How do Quakers and people of faith respond to this? We will do grief work (Joanna Macy style), discernment, and strategy building work. You will leave with a spiritually grounded path forward.

Workshop Number 29 | Lynn Fitz-Hugh

Augusto Boal says, "Theatre can help us build our future, rather than just waiting for it." This week you’ll engage in guided group collaboration and interactive creative exercises designed to bring you deeper into your body, voice and wisdom while cultivating your connection to Spirit and community.

Workshop Number 30 | Beth Popelka