Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice


Workshops offer Gathering attenders the opportunity to be immersed in a topic with other interested Friends. Attenders stay in the same workshop throughout the week, helping form a mini-community within the Gathering. Each workshop meets from 9:00-11:45 AM each weekday. Most workshops include worship or worship-sharing each day.

2017 Workshop Descriptions

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The greater my Light, the greater the shadow it casts. We will explore individual and group practices inviting Spirit-led self-integration. As integrity or wholeness expands, we are better able to acknowledge our full scope for good and evil, and act in faithfulness and loving kindness.

Workshop Number 15 | LVM Shelton

George Fox was a healer.  We will explore his healing gifts as described in his Book of Miracles. We will hold Meeting for Worship for Healing in the context of the times in which he lived.  Friends will explore their leadings and healing gifts and go wherever the Spirit leads.

Workshop Number 16 | Richard Lee

Racism, internalized superiority and internalized inferiority are perpetuated by the narratives (like the American dream) we carry and the way we hold our socialization in our bodies. In this workshop, we will explore how racism and white supremacy operate in our stories, bodies and communities and explore ways to interrupt and shift the normative stories and movements that keep racism moving. This intermediate level workshop for white people and people of color will offer brave space (including within affinity groups) for exploring our individual and shared stories and for reflecting on ways we both unwittingly support racism and how we can become awake enough to begin to interrupt racism in our daily lives and within society.

Workshop Number 16 | Lucy Duncan | Noah White

Through interactive exercises and dialogue, we will share practical strategies to assist men to become leaders in building healthy, safe communities. Learn how to become an effective ally in ending violence against women and girls, and motivate men and boys in your communities to join with you in this work.

Workshop Number 17 | Bruce Dienes

We will use activities and discussion to explore Quaker life not centered on belief in God. What is spirituality for nontheist Friends?

What are our challenges? How can all Friends grow from the diversity within Quakerism? All seekers will find a safe space to

celebrate and deepen their spiritual lives.


Workshop Number 19 | Robin Mallison Alpern | Rosemary Coffey

Spiritual truths are often expressed as paradoxes.   We will explore the spectrum of Quaker belief and practice by examining eight core paradoxes that are central to our individual and corporate lives. In all cases, we will see that the dynamic center of Quakerism affirms "both/and" rather than "either/or" thinking.  

Workshop Number 21 | Tom Gates

Embodied mindfulness opens us to divine revelation whether in worship or doing the laundry. We will learn Qigong, practice different forms of meditation, and explore everyday movement to remember our divine nature. Show up, slow down, and cultivate compassion for yourself and others as we relax and play together.

Workshop Number 22 | Amy Ward Brimmer

Join us in this multi-media meditation, combining poetry, photography and music--giving voice to the web of life. We'll spend reflective time with the prayer's words and images, in group sharing--and our bodies will connect with web through Sacred Circle Dance-- for 'Ripples start where Spirit moves'.

Workshop Number 23 | Maia Tapp | Maggie Moon (formerly Peggy) O'Neill

Strong and shy singers are welcome to join this circle of f/Friends singing rounds, spirituals, sacred chants, peace, fun and world songs in the oral tradition. Singing together will energize our bodies and nurture our souls, with music that affirms our diversity, reflects our beauty, and celebrates our unity.

Workshop Number 25 | Ruth Fitz

Before Settlers arrived North America was occupied by independent Indigenous Nations. Euro-settler colonizers brought conflict, diseases, and genocide, claiming land and destroying Peoples. Today's Quakers are invited to transformed relationships with Indigenous Peoples. This workshop explores how Quakers become more effective allies on this spiritual journey. (Tansi: Cree for 'hello.')

Workshop Number 27 | Elaine Bishop