Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Workshops with Part-Time Participants

Participants attend the same workshop for the entire time they are at the Gathering. Workshops welcoming half-Gathering and part-time Gathering attenders are indicated with HG1, HG2, or PT at the end of the short description, and are listed below. See our workshops page for full descriptions.

First Half-Gathering Attenders Welcome :

1      200 Years of Quaker Engagement in China
6      Biking in the Light
50    Body Prayer
8      Chanting From the Silence
10    Daily Extended Meeting for Worship
11    Dance .. Lightly (over the earth)
12    Dance and Spirituality
13    Dances of Universal Peace
15    Early Quakers and their Theology
16    Economic Activism for Peace and Justice
18    Exploring Quakers in Education
23    Kites, Wind, and Spirit
51    Meeting for Worship for Healing
31    Soulful Singing
36    Who Is Jesus to Me?
40    Spiritual Autobiography
43    I Only Complain on Thursdays
44    Immigrant Tales & Action Tools
46    Read the Bible as Critic, Devotee, and Friend

Second Half-Gathering Attenders Welcome :