Friends General Conference

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Early Registrants Choose TWO Workshops

All Friends registering during Early Registration (April 1-14, 2020) have an equal chance of getting into their first choice workshop. This is why even the person who registers on the morning of April 1 is not guaranteed to get their first choice workshop. Friends registering April 14 are as likely to get into a popular workshop as those registering April 1. This practice helps relieve the pressure some feel to be "first in line." It is also accommodates Friends who may not have access to a computer or time to register on the day registration opens.

Gathering staff almost always succeed in getting all early registrants into their first or second choice, when those choices are two different workshops. If your first and second choices are identical, you do not increase your chances of getting into that workshop.

A Special Message for Friends Who Didn't Get Their First Choice at Their Most Recent Gathering

Gathering staff does not want to repeatedly disadvantage the same people. If there is a workshop you tried to get into the last time you registered early for the Gathering, and it is still your first choice, let us know if you once again don't get into that same workshop.