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Gathering Workshop Proposal Information

I've read the information below, and I am ready to start a workshop proposal.

2017 FGC Gathering Details

Dates : July 2-8, 2017
Theme : Ripples start where spirit moves
Location : Niagara University, New York
Workshop Times : 5 sessions, Monday-Friday, 9:00-11:45 a.m.

Late Proposals Deadline : October 14, 2016 (read more)

For 2017, what is the Workshop Committee looking for?

We would like to see an exciting variety of workshops, the familiar and beloved as well as the new and provocative. We hope the workshops will reflect the rich diversity of our faith community. The committee appreciates and respects all ideas and proposals. However, in most years we receive many more than can be offered and need to make difficult choices about which workshops to offer. Not all proposals will be accepted, but they will all be appreciated.

We look for workshops that are :

  • interactive and grounded in worship
  • may address the Gathering theme
  • speak to interests or concerns of Friends including a broad range of topics such as: Quaker history, practice, faith, writing, art, music, movement, diversity, gender, and family issues.
  • flexible format that could be held in a lounge or classroom.
  • Workshop Times : 5 sessions, Monday-Friday, 9:00-11:45 a.m.

How much time is required during the year preceding the workshop?

In addition to your own preparations, here are some of the tasks we expect from workshop leaders :

  • Mid-December : Receive edited short description, work with staff on further editing if needed. Confirmation due before Christmas.
  • December-February :
  1. Edit detailed workshop description and leader bios for the website. Attention to detail needed!
  2. Access workshop leader website and work with staff if there are any problems receiving our e-mail and accessing information.
  3. Compose any message you want sent automatically to people who register for your workshop. Exact text needed.
  • March 15 : FGC office needs to know name of elder or support person, and how co-leaders plan to divide the workshop workgrant. Any added co-leaders need to supply contact information.
  • Early April : Registration required. Allow at least 30 minutes online or on the phone with FGC staff.
  • April : 3 forms needed, deadline April 30. Each form should take 5-10 minutes to complete.
  • June : Time to read through workshop resources and information.
  • Pre-Gathering : Sunday afternoon meeting for all workshop leaders. Sunday afternoon A/V training for anyone who wants to use audio-visual equipment during the week.

Submitting a proposal

PART I: Your Proposal.  The proposal form was due by September 30, 2016. Click here to read about late proposals. Online webform submission makes the job of reviewing and managing the proposals easier to prepare for publication. Proposals can be downloaded and mailed or emailed to the FGC office (this increases staff processing time). Contact the Gathering Office if you would like a paper form sent to you. Your proposal is welcome in whatever form you choose to submit it.

Contact the Gathering Office if you need help editing and resubmitting a previous year's proposal for 2017.

PART II: Letter of Support.  The letter of support must also be received no later than October 14, 2016. This letter should directly address your skills and current ability for leading the proposed workshop, from the perspective of Friends. This request is made because Friends who serve on the workshop selection committee often do not know people who serve the Religious Society of Friends or who have offered workshops in the past. You may want to request a letter now in order to allow the writer sufficient time to submit the letter to us before October 14.

Leaders of 2015 or 2016 workshops can choose to have their workshop evaluations used in lieu of a letter. Proposals will not be considered without either a letter of support or a workshop leader evaluation summary from the past two years.

Confirming Receipt of Proposals. You will receive an acknowledgment of the receipt of your proposal. Please call the FGC Gathering office if you have not received an e-mail acknowledgment within two hours of electronic submission or a letter by October 1st for paper submissions. You will be notified of the subcommittee's decision no later than December 19th, 2016.

Financial Credits for Workshop Leaders

Workshop leaders are eligible for a reduction in costs equal to 50% of the Basic Fee per workshop as leadership credit. (The Basic Fee is the cost for an adult to attend the Gathering, sleep in the least expensive adult double room, and eat three meals a day.) There is only one credit per workshop, so co-leaders need to decide how to share this credit. Leaders may request additional scholarship support for themselves and their families from FGC (during the spring registration process) or from their meetings.

For more information :
Susan Lee Barton, FGC Conference Associate
[email protected], 215-561-1700, ext. 3005

I've read the information above, and I am ready to start a workshop proposal.