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Workshop Proposal Online Form Instructions

Workshop proposals for the 2022 Gathering closed on October 31.

THANK YOU for choosing to submit your proposal online!  Online submission greatly helps staff.  Your proposal has not been submitted until you receive an email from [email protected] with the subject : “Thank-you – your FGC Gathering workshop has been submitted.”

Online Submission Process

1. Please read all these instructions first, and then click the box at the bottom to log in.

2. You will be either logging into your Quaker Cloud / FGC website account, or creating a new one.

By creating an account we have a way to know it's you. You can edit and save drafts of your workshop proposal, and access proposals submitted in previous years. When you click the link at the bottom of this page, it will direct you to either sign in or create an account.

3. Have a co-leader? Share your User Account/Login information.

If you and a co-leader want to collaborate on a single proposal, you will need to share one account. Unfortunately you cannot edit the proposal at the same time.

4. Begin your proposal

If the login process does not take you directly to a workshop submission page, go to this page to start your proposal.

Save, save, save as you go! Click "Save Draft for upcoming Gathering" at the bottom. Once you save, click the "Edit" tab at the top to continue to edit the proposal.

As you complete the online proposal form, you are creating a webpage.  Only you, FGC staff and workshop committee members will have access to your proposal.  If your proposal is selected for the Gathering, portions of this page will be available to the public after you have had the opportunity to make further changes.

4a. If you are editing a proposal from a previous year:

  • Click on the title of your proposal
  • Click the edit tab
  • Change the workshop year to Gathering year 2022
  • Click "Save Draft for the upcoming Gathering" - this brings you back to your proposal main page
  • Click the edit tab again
  • Then you can begin to make other edits to the proposal.

5. Saving, editing, and submitting your proposal

Until you are ready to have the committee review your proposal, select the "Save Draft for upcoming Gathering" button at the bottom of the page. We advise you to click this button often as you work on your proposal and finish each section. You must click on "Save Draft for upcoming Gathering" to save your responses.

After clicking "Save Draft for upcoming Gathering" you will see a brief version of your current draft. Click the overview tab to view the full proposal. You should also receive an automatic email (sent to the email address you used in creating an account) with a link to your proposal page. You can forward this email to any co-leaders so that they can access the proposal as well (using your account email address and password).

Bookmark your proposal's page so that you may return to it, and remember your password.  When you return, click the "Edit" tab at the top to continue to add to or revise the proposal.

If your proposal is accepted, we will encourage you to submit a photo of yourself or something related to your workshop before your information is published. (This is not required.)

When your proposal is complete, select the "Submit Proposal" button at the bottom of the form. You will see a final version of your proposal. Scroll to the top of the page to make sure it says that your proposal was submitted. If any sections were skipped, it should only save a draft, and will tell you what still needs to be completed. Once you submit the proposal, you will not be able to make further changes until the Workshop Committee has met. If your proposal is accepted, you will have more opportunities to edit sections before they are published for public viewing.

6. Confirmation of receipt of your completed proposal

You will receive a computer-generated email confirming submission of the proposal (sent to the email address on the user account - not the email address listed in the proposal.) If you do not receive confirmation email from Gathering staff, please contact [email protected]. Please do NOT assume that we received your proposal unless you receive an email saying so.

7. Help requests

If you have a technical question about completing your form, please contact Elizabeth Piersol Schmidt, Conference and Event Coordinator 215-561-1700, option 2 on the menu or [email protected]. If you have questions about potential content of your workshop, Elizabeth can put you in touch with the clerks of the 2022 Workshop Committee.

Begin a 2022 Gathering workshop proposal.