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Workshop Proposals

Workshop proposals for the 2016 Gathering were due by September 30, 2015. See below regarding late proposals, due by October 16.

Having technical problems? DON'T PANIC!! Please e-mail or call Susan Lee Barton before the October 16 deadline. She will help get your proposal submitted. 215-561-1700, ext. 3005

Your proposal is welcome in whatever form you choose to submit it. For those with internet access, webpage submission is encouraged because it makes the job of reviewing and managing workshop proposals easier.

Online Proposal Format

Using our online proposal form minimizes staff time.  If you filled in an MS Word form, you may either transfer your proposal to the online form, or you may email, mail, or fax your proposal. 

Email, Fax, or Mail Formats

Download the following documents.  If possible, please submit your proposal via our online proposal form (see above) or via email to

Submission of Late Workshop Proposals

You are welcome to submit a workshop proposal between October 1 and 16, but we do not guarantee that it will be read. The workshop proposal submission deadline ass September 30, 2015. The workshops committee will give first priority to proposals submitted on time.  However, the committee will consider a late proposal if it might provide valuable balance to the workshops offered in 2016. We are still looking for proposals in some areas.

Please email the workshop committee at about your intention to submit a late proposal, including a title and a sentence or two about the workshop. 

Late proposals should be submitted no later than October 16.  Use the same submission processes as for on-time proposals (see above).

If you experience technical problems in submitting your proposal, please contact Susan Lee Barton, Conference Associate, at