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Quakers & Business Conference

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Way Opens: Business in the manner of Friends, in this time of rapid change

The 2020 Quakers in Business Gathering Pre-Conference will be an unconference. This is a type of participant-centered meeting where facilitators help attendees select an agenda based on common interests. The emphasis is on learning from each other. Because of the structure, It is impossible to precisely predict topics for an unconference. Coming to the unconference with a few questions, and maybe even some answers, already on your heart is a good way to help focus and make the most of our time together.

Starting Questions (raised following Quakers and Business 2019):

  • As the business environment changes, how do you decide what is important for you?
  • How do you unite “good business,” or “best practices” with Spirit’s leading?
  • Friends who lived during the Industrial Revolution played a very important role in the development of the business ethics we know today. Even as there are still many abuses in business, can you identify the places where earlier Friends followed Spirit's leading to help make the business of their day more humane and just?
  • What can we learn from the stories, successes, and failures of earlier Friends as we follow Spirit’s leading and develop new ethical standards, addressing today’s injustices and harmful business practices?
  • How does witnessing the varied outcomes from earlier Friends’ work change your work?
  • What are your hopes and fears for your business?
  • Where do you see the way opening before you?

Scholarships are available for the Q&B Pre-conference. Open to Gathering registrants and also those not staying for the Gathering.

Where and When

The Quakers & Business Conference takes place immediately before the FGC Gathering at Radford Univeristy in Radford, VA. The Conference begins Friday, June 26, 2020 at 7:00pm and ends Sunday, June 28 at noon. Conference registrants may choose to also register for the FGC Gathering which begins Sunday evening.
Transportation is available from the Roanoke / Blacksburg Airport (ROA) and Roanoke Amtrak Station.  Read more about transportation.


The costs of the conference are:

  • Conference fee TBD
  • and meals and housing

On-campus housing and meals are available to conference registrants regardless of whether they are staying for the FGC Gathering. A Friend registering for both events will be assigned the same room for both events.

See conference housing prices in the Early Arrival Room Fee table.

Childcare Is Available

If you are bringing children eighth grade or younger, childcare is available during the conference. You will only need to pay for housing and meals for your child. If you have signed up for Quakers & Business and not the Gathering you will still need to fill out the parental permission form in order to utilize the Children’s Center during the pre-gathering times. Read more about childcare for pre-Gathering events.

How to Register

Registration opens April 1 and closes June 10. Late fees begin June 1. 

To register for both the Gathering and the Q&B Conference, choose the “Quakers & Business Conference” while completing your Gathering registration form.

To register only for the Quakers & Business Conference, select "Pre-Gathering Event Only" and then choose the “Quakers & Business Conference” while completing your Gathering registration form.


Request a scholarship when you register. Scholarships are administered by the Quakers & Business Conference organizers