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Quakers & Business Conference

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Can Quaker Investment Heal an Unjust World?

As we look around today, we see the polarization of wealth in our economy and the world, and within that, the seeds of conflict. We seek, individually and as a community, to build a business culture that incorporates our Quaker social testimonies.

In this, our fifth, Quakers and Business FGC pre-conference, we will be exploring business as an agent of social change. Specifically, can we as Quaker business people bring about a more just and equitable society through sourcing and investing our capital – financial, human, social and spiritual – in meaningful ways?

We will start with Quaker stories of business and investment that illustrate how business can work as an agent of social change and how investment has made a meaningful positive impact. We will use those stories as a springboard to develop the vocabulary and the tools needed to understand what investors are looking for when investing in a business and how to evaluate the implications of your choices as you both gather and invest the resources in your life. Afternoon breakouts will cover such topics as:

  • Key Concepts of Finance and Business - What everyone (even a Quaker) should know.
  • Personal financial management that is responsible for yourself, your family, society and the earth.
  • Socially Responsible Investing: what alternatives are available and prudent for individuals?

Through presentations, large group discussions, and small group discussions, you will have an opportunity to explore such questions as these, while also learning about sources of capital, risk and return, socially responsible investing, and how venture capital works.  You will also help define future activities of the Quakers & Business community: collaboration with Adult Young Friends, People of Color, and other Quaker organizations, building a Quaker “incubator” for business start-ups, mentoring programs, topics for ongoing webinars… the possibilities are exciting. Scholarships are available for the Q&B Pre-conference. Open to Gathering registrants and also those not staying for the Gathering.

Where and When

The Quakers & Business Conference takes place immediately before the FGC Gathering at the University of Toledo in Toledo, OH. The Conference begins Friday, June 29, 2018 at 7:00pm and ends Sunday, July 1 at noon. Conference registrants may choose to also register for the FGC Gathering which begins Sunday evening.
Transportation is available from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) and the Toledo Express Airport (TOL) and Toledo Amtrak Station (TOL).  Read more about transportation.


The costs of the conference are:

  • Conference fee of $145 (financial aid is available)
  • up to six pre-Gathering cafeteria meals
  • on campus housing

On-campus housing is available to conference registrants regardless of whether they are staying for the FGC Gathering. A Friend registering for both events will be assigned the same room for both events. 

See conference housing prices in the Early Arrival Room Fee table.

Childcare Is Available

If you are bringing children eighth grade or younger, childcare is available during the conference. You will only need to pay for housing and meals for your child. If you have signed up for Quakers & Business and not the Gathering you will still need to fill out the parental permission form in order to utilize the Children’s Center during the pre-gathering times. Read more about childcare for pre-Gathering events.

How to Register

Registration opens April 2 and closes June 10. Late fees begin June 1. 

To register for both the Gathering and the Q&B Conference, choose the “Quakers & Business Conference” while completing your Gathering registration form.

To register for the Quakers & Business Conference only, please call the Gathering Office at 215-561-1700, option 2 on the menu. Please allow about 30 minutes to register by phone.


Send requests for scholarship assistance to the Quakers & Business Conference organizer