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Pre-Gathering Retreat for People of Color and their Families

2018 Retreat for People of Color and their Families participants

This is about the 2021 Pre-Gathering Retreat for People of Color and their Families. For 2022 details, check back in winter, 2022

Why a Retreat

Where and When

Cost and Financial Aid

How to Register

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Retreat Organizers

Why a Retreat

Friends of Color are a small population in the Religious Society of Friends in the North America and at the FGC Gathering.  Experience indicates that the better we know each other, the better we can support each other throughout the year and at the Gathering.

FGC’s Ministry on Racism has been offering a robust calendar of virtual retreats and events for a few months now, and has planned this virtual pre-gathering retreat based on what we have learned from those experiences. We have found that they can be nurturing and community-building, allowing Friends of Color to feel connected and supported during this difficult time.

FGC's Committee for Nurturing Ministries Ministry on Racism Program is sponsoring a pre-Gathering retreat for Friends of Color and their immediate family members to come together to create a community as a resource for the Gathering and beyond. Friends of European descent are welcome provided they are attending with a family member (e.g. spouse, child) who is a Person of Color. This will be an intergenerational event. Children are welcome to join us.

During our time together over the weekend we will build our community through:

  • Mutual support and sharing
  • Worship
  • Sharing why Quaker faith and practice is important to us
  • Identifying ways to support each other throughout the week of the Gathering
  • Discussing how we can share our experience at the Gathering with our meetings

Where and When

The retreat is held the weekend before the Gathering each year. This year it is June 25 - 27, 2021 and will be held online. The retreat is open only to Friends attending other parts of the Gathering as well.

The retreat will take place (all times Eastern DT)

Friday 6/25: 8–9:30pm

Saturday 6/26: 2-3:30pm, 4:30– 6pm, 7:30–9pm, with a 9-10 pm hangout space

Sunday 6/27: 2-3:30pm, 4:30-6pm

Programming for the pre-Gathering Retreat for People of Color & Their Families will include adults and high schoolers. There will be special intergenerational programming centering children as young as 6 as part of the Virtual Retreat for Youth of Color, held at three of the sessions during the Pre-Gathering retreat. They are: 4:30-6pm ET and 7:30-9pm ET on Saturday, June 26 and 2-3:30pm ET on Sunday, June 27.


This year's virtual Gathering is Pay as Led. The cost of the pre-Gathering retreat is $5-$50, or you can write-in your own price.

Learn more about Pay as Led and Gathering fees.

How to Register

Register for the pre-Gathering retreat when you register for the Gathering. Select the Gathering event package that you want, and then add on the retreat. Early registration is April 15 - 29, and standard registration opens May 6. The registration deadline for the retreat is June 22. Learn more about registration for the 2021 Gathering

Invite a Friend

Are you planning on attending the retreat?  Invite a friend to join you.

Retreat Organizers

FGC Committee for Nurturing Ministries Ministry on Racism Program. If you have further questions, please contact Ministry on Racism staff.

For other general questions about the FGC Gathering itself, use the Gathering Contact Form.