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Schedule of Ministry on Racism Program Events at 2021 Virtual Gathering


Pre-Gathering Retreat for Friends of Color and their Families

The Pre-Gathering Retreat for Friends of Color and their Families will be held from the evening of Friday, June 25 to the afternoon of Sunday, June 27, 2021. Find up-to-date information about the Retreat at the webpage here.

Daily Affinity Spaces

Gathering for Fellowship for Friends of Color Only

Monday through Friday                                                                                  12:00PM – 1:30PM EDT and 6 - 7 PM EDT

Facilitator: Vanessa Julye

Come to meet and talk with other Friends of Color. We will create our own agenda which may include sharing our experiences as Friends.


Gathering for Fellowship for White Friends/Friends of European Descent Addressing Racism   

Monday through Friday                                                                                                             12:00PM – 1:30PM EDT

Facilitators: Miriam Mulsow, Jaya Karsemeyer-Bone

Gather with other white Friends (Friends of European descent) who are addressing racism and white supremacy in our lives and in our Quaker communities. Each day we will create a courageous space for sharing some of our journey, our questions and our stories.

Afternoon Activities sponsored by the People of Color Center


Monday, June 28: Dismantling Racism on Your Bookshelf                          4:30 – 6 PM EDT

Facilitator: Regina Renee Ward
Reading can disrupt, transform, and heal. Books and authors can influence our worldview. Join us as we identify ways that systemic racism shows up in publishing and other readers' advisory services. Reading diversely and with intention has the power to counter the mainstream narrative about marginalized and disenfranchised communities. Participants will be empowered to evaluate how their own reading practices impact progress toward becoming actively anti-racist. Resources will be provided for your personal anti-racism journey.

Tuesday, June 29: Reading to kids of all ages                               4:30-6 PM EDT

Reading by Marvin Barnes, Regina Renee Ward, Barry Scott, and Vanessa Julye

Come to hear several Friends read stories aloud from children’s books. We read to people of all ages, races, and ethnicities from books about and by People of Color.


Wednesday, June 30: Racial Justice work in Your Meeting Part 1                   4:30 – 6 PM EDT

Facilitated by a team of volunteers and MOR Staff

Join us for a collaborative activity to help catalyze your Meeting’s anti-racism work. We will divide into breakouts according to Yearly Meetings and reflect on the landscape of racial justice work in each Meeting. With the support of volunteer facilitators from each Yearly meeting, groups will locate their meeting on the continuum of anti-racist transformation and reflect on the forces that accelerate and hold back this work in our communities. Participants may benefit from reviewing the continuum ahead of time.


Thursday, July 1: Racial Justice work in Your Meeting Part 2                4:30 – 6 PM EDT

Facilitated by a team of volunteers and MOR Staff
Building on Wednesday’s session, we will strategize together about how to move anti-racism work forward in our meetings. We will organize breakouts according to which stage of anti-racist transformation participants’ meetings are in. In each breakout, participants representing different meetings will strategize together based on their shared context of their meetings’ level of engagement (or non-engagement) with anti-racism work.


Friday, July 2: Afternoon with Friends General Conference’s Intuitional Assessment Implementation Committee                                                                   4:30 – 6 PM EDT

Facilitators: Co-clerks Regina Renee Ward & Euclid Bautista

Come to hear an update about the work of FGC’s Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee.


Workshops for Friends of Color Only

Monday - Friday, 2:00-3:30pm EDT: Deepening the Conversation and Building Community led by Marlene Coach, Bertha Pena, Tomi Nagai-Rothe, tom kunesh, Emma Turcotte, Oskar Castro, Hal Weaver, Crystal Wirtz, Rita Comes, Brenda Chung - read the full workshop description

Saturday, July 3, 12:00 - 6:30pm EDT: Discovering, Developing, and Acknowledging our Spiritual Gifts led by Regina Renee Ward & Diego Navarro - read the full workshop description

Workshops addressing racism

We have multiple workshops at the Virtual Gathering that offer tools to understand the systems of racism and build our capacity in taking action for racial justice. Some are for Friends newer to antiracism work, and some are for those who have more experience.

Workshop options addressing racism include:

Challenging Ethnic and Racial Divisions - Vanessa Julye and Janice Domanik

Decolonizing Our Future: A Road to Liberation - Nia Eubanks-Dixon and Sophia Burns

Quakers, Blacks and Abolition: Reflecting and Visioning - Lewis Webb and Lucy Duncan

Quakers Seeking Right Relationship with Indigenous Peoples - Buffy Curtis, Liseli Haines, and Paula Palmer

White on White: Color-Brave Conversations - Chuck Esser and Polly Attwood

White on White Racial Justice Facilitator Training - Marijke van Roojen and Carolyn Lejuste



Help your Meeting challenge racism. Click here to learn more about the Ministry on Racism Program.