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Junior Gathering Staff Expectations 2020


Junior Gathering Staff Application

Everyone who serves on Junior Gathering Staff should complete a Junior Gathering Staff application each year to update contact information. 

Arrival –  for training on Sunday, June 28 at 10:00 am (if Online Child Safety Training is completed by June 27, 2020)

All Junior Gathering Staff are expected to arrive in time to participate in the Sunday Staff training, orientation and set up.  If you must arrive on Saturday night, FGC will pay for any staff member’s room fee (unfortunately we cannot afford to pay for other family members – unless they are also Junior Gathering Staff).

Staff T-Shirts – must be worn whenever on duty

For safety’s sake, each Junior Gathering staff member will be issued a JG Staff T-Shirt to wear daily during program time.  The new JG staff shirts are bright pink which are easy for children to identify.  The graphic was designed by Juniper, a 2016 Junior Gathering Sprouts participant.  Shirts sizes are ordered on your staff application and will be distributed during the orientation on Sunday afternoon. 

Clean Up and Packing at the end of the week.

All Junior Gathering staff are expected to give at least 2 hours to our pack up and clean up process.  At the beginning of the week staff can choose from a number of time slots: late Friday afternoon, early or late Friday evening to clean, sort, and pack or Saturday morning (to load the truck).  "Many hands make light work."

I am grateful for Junior Gathering because I am always reminded of my gifts and feel safe and supported sharing them and finding ways to hone them throughout the week.” – Oaks coordinator

Smoking – prohibited within sight of children.

We ask Junior Gathering staff of all ages to use utmost discretion! Please avoid smoking in visual or smell range of the Gathering’s children whether you are on duty or not.  We consider this crucial to your place in the Junior Gathering as caregiver and role model.

Attend daily Junior Gathering Staff Worship (if possible)

Junior Gathering Staff Worship is each morning from 7:45 - 8:15 a.m. this year.  Staff Worship has become a real highlight for those who can attend. At the rise of worship, announcements and updates on Junior Gathering activities are shared.

Updated 1-13-20