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Qualities of Prospective High School Staff

Photo by Katrina McQuail

We are looking for these qualities in prospective volunteer staff:

  1. Individuals who are excited about the program and about working with other staff to realize our vision of a grounded staff community.
  2. Experience with the High School Gathering, Young Friends, or other religious high school age youth groups.
  3. Understanding of, or familiarity with, the concept of listening for the Sense of Meeting as a central practice of Friends.
  4. Skill in listening and sensitivity to teen participants, oneself, other staff, parents and other Gathering attenders.
  5. Commitment to nurturing youth ownership of program guidelines.
  6. Community-oriented: knowing the value of the overall Gathering and the High School Program's place in it.
  7. Willingness to work as a team member with the coordinators and other staff.
  8. Understanding of boundary issues inherent in the role of staff and ability to maintain appropriate boundaries.
  9. Able to serve during the week of Virtual Gathering, June 27 - July 3, 2021 and attend staff training prior to Virtual Gathering.
“My support group was delightful. They were a great group of teens and we had a great time hanging out. A nice surprise has been that they have continued to use our support group Groupme since getting home from the Gathering and we’re in touch every couple days. It’s a fun way to keep the Gathering going year round.”
-2019 High School Counselor

The High School staff selection process acknowledges that no one person is going to have all the characteristics needed to make the program work, and that staff often draw upon each other's expertise and experience in dealing with issues that come up during the week.

A few questions we consider about the composition of the entire staff are below. 

  • Is there a good balance in the range of Quaker experience among staff members? 
  • Is there diversity:
    • In the racial makeup of the counseling team?
    • In the genders of the counseling team?
    • In the sexual orientation of the counseling team?
    • In the age range of the counseling team, from teenage to middle age and above (each age group bringing its own insights)? Note: Applicants must have at least one year out of the program before being considered, except those applying for the position of intern.
  • Are there people with lifeguarding/first aid/peer counseling/nursing or other helping/healing skills on the team?
  • Are there people with experience leading physical activities for groups of young people? (games/sports/drama/exercise, etc.)
  • Is there a good balance in the skills, interests and approaches of the staff members as a whole?

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