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Virtual Junior Gathering 2021

Children and Teens
Date and Time: 
Sunday, June 27, 2021 - 3:30pm to Saturday, July 3, 2021 - 6:00pm

FGC is offering new Year-Round virtual youth programs. You can learn more here.

Coming soon: Information about the 2021 Junior Gathering Program.

For information about the 2020 Virtual Gathering Children's programs, see below:

What is Virtual Junior Gathering?

Virtual Junior Gathering is a loving space for families and children of all ages to join in Spiritually-centered and creative practices together.

The Virtual Gathering gives us the opportunity to experiment with a new program model. This year we are offering a simplified version of our Junior Gathering program. We hope this programming will be flexible for families and inclusive of young people of all ages. Instead of our typical age-based groups, we will offer one session daily featuring some of Junior Gathering’s favorite activities. Stop by to create art as a family, enjoy a Spiritual story time, and share some homemade creativity at our Junior Gathering Open Mic!
The 2020 Virtual Junior Gathering will take place on Zoom from June 28-July 4. It is set up for participation from muliple time zones in North America. Junior Gathering sessions are open to all and run from 4:00-5:30 pm EDT Monday-Friday. We know that 90 minutes online is a long time for little ones, so drop in and stop by for whatever you’re able to join for! Please visit this webpage for updates as they are confirmed. We are excited to announce that Virtual Gathering will be Pay-as-Led this year, and that there will be no cost to participate in Junior Gathering.

Children are welcome to join their parents at other Virtual Gathering activities such as Opening and Closing Worship, workshops and Evening program. Please review Junior Gathering's suggestions on making Virtual Gathering a welcoming place for the whole family.

Adults without children are also welcome in Junior Gathering activities, though we prioritize the younger participants in these child-centered spaces.

Join us each day for Junior Gathering 4:00-5:30 EDT. Click this link for activity descriptions!

  • Sunday (3:30-4:30 pm EDT): Story Session - Seeds of Love with Melinda Wenner Bradley

  • Monday: Story Time hosted by the People of Color Center

  • Tuesday: Way Will Open Art Studio with Zan Lombardo

  • Wednesday: Story Time hosted by the Sparklers & Multi-Gen Concert with City Love 8:00-9:00 pm EDT

  • Thursday: Kite-Making with Chuck Jones

  • Friday: Junior Gathering Open Mic – begin practicing your performance now!

Shared Expectations

Junior Gathering is a unique and loving community. All who participate are asked to commit to the safety and health of all community members, to use common sense and to meet all Gathering expectations. 

Please visit this link for a PDF of Junior Gathering's Provisonal Online Youth Safety Policies and Procedures.

You can view and sign this document at this link.

Youth Participant Guidelines

Children age 10+ must review and discuss the guidelines with parent/guardian. FGC must receive a digitally-signed copy of the guidelines before the child can participate in any online programming.

1. Each participant is expected to treat all persons at Virtual Gathering with respect.

2. Each participant is expected to respect the confidential space of FGC Programs and protect the personal stories of all participants. “What’s learned here may leave here, what’s said here stays here.”

3. Harassment and bullying of any kind will not be permitted at the Virtual Gathering. This is not only a Youth Program guideline, but a Virtual Gathering Expectation as well. See the Virtual Gathering Expectations for specific examples.

Parent & Guardian Guidelines

Parents/guardians must review and discuss the guidelines with their child. FGC must receive a digitally-signed copy of the guidelines before the parent and child can participate in any online programming.

1. Parents and guardians are expected to help their children to be actively engaged with Junior Gathering and High School activities.

2. Parents of children under age 10 are expected to be present and in the room during Junior Gathering.

The complete program guidelines will be e-mailed in advance of the Gathering, as will the all-Gathering expectations. 
We welcome people with specific needs of a medical or non-medical nature. If a young person, parent or guardian believes the young person has any needs of which the program should be aware, they should contact the Junior Gathering co-clerks at [email protected]