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Youth Program Testimonials

2019 High School Program
High School Space Party
Junior Gathering Staff crafting with an Acorns participant
Pinetrees get a visit from Gathering co-clerk
Sprouts working on their service project
Oaks balance in the hammock

Youth Program Testimonials

High School Program - Grades 10-12

Youth Testimonials from 2019 Gathering

  • “I feel so enriched by the time I spent in the close proximity with so many good people and friends.”
  • “My workshop really helped me grow as a Quaker...and helped me connect with my spirituality.”
  • “The love and connection found at Gathering is always a one of a kind experience.”

Parent and Sponsor Testimonials from 2019 Gathering

  • “We value opportunities for youth to grow in Quaker values and experience the richness of the wider Quaker community.”
  • “I appreciate the way Gathering has given my children opportunities for independence over the years.”
  • “We heard great appreciation for the way the leaders developed a supportive community. The small reflection groups were an important and anticipated part of the day. There were a variety of constructive ways that teens use their un-programmed time.”
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28 of 30 parents and sponsors surveyed value the opportunity for their child to build community with other young Quakers.

24 of 30 parents and sponsors surveyed value the opportunity for their child to be a part of the larger FGC community.

21 of 30 parents and sponsors surveyed value how Gathering introduces their child to new concepts and topics through its workshops and programs.

High School Staff Testimonials from 2019 Gathering

  • “I found I was able to elicit real sharing in small groups through subtle steering and modeling, and this resulted in a lot of tears and hugs.”
  • “It filled me with gratitude [to witness]…just how transparently and lovingly the coordinators balanced the youth’s needs with the health of the whole community.”
  • “It was great to see participants that I knew from last year growing and thriving…Those connections throughout the week helped give me hope and energy.”
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Junior Gathering - Birth though 9th Grade

Youth Testimonials from 2019 Gathering

  • “There were lots of new people my age and I made many new friends. The nature group also interested me in edible plants, which is fun.” - Oaks participant
  • “Hanging out, playing games, and cooking were super fun in the evenings.” - Oaks Participant

Parents Testimonials from 2019 Gathering

  • “Our child was always settled and content when we picked him up.” –Acorns Parent
  • “It was such a wonderful thing to be in an intergenerational space.” – Sprouts Parent
  • “The staff were incredibly kind and skilled at resolving challenges.” –Pinetrees Parent
  • “She told me she had the best day of her summer!” – Pinetrees Parent
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Junior Gathering Staff Testimonials from 2019 Gathering

  • “The youth showed their joy and happiness fully.” – Sprouts staff
  • “There was great bonding between people - a genuine sense of wanting to be there and to help.” – Family Place Staff
  • “Every day was a positive experience of the children's resilience….  Taking turns…became a complex process as each child waited for their turn with some uncertainty that it would ever come. No one was left out in the end and they figured it out themselves. Each child was learning to trust that others would act equitably.” – Pinetrees staff
  • “I was able to get to know children deep enough that I could provide some real guidance and support.” Oaks workshop leader