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What is Junior Gathering?

Junior Gathering is:

  • Home base for newborns to rising ninth graders (Click here for High School program)
  • Where young people learn, play, and thrive at the Gathering
  •  A time for games, songs, and stories
  •  A place to make friends and experience Quakerism with Friends from across the continent
  • Full of fun and educational Quaker-based activities led by a diverse, caring, and skilled staff

    Junior Gathering offers:

    • Morning program (8:45-noon), while adults attend weeklong workshops
    • Evening program (6:45-9:00 PM), while adults attend plenary sessions

    Junior Gathering Groups

    Participants are placed in age-appropriate groups for the entire week of the Gathering.  Infants and toddlers will have at least one adult for every two children. Groups for older children will have an adult for every 4 to 5 youngsters. 

    Junior Gathering Groups
    Acorns Pinecones Sprouts Saplings Pinetrees Oaks

    Junior Gathering staff strive to keep our Junior Gathering community engaging, nurturing, inclusive and welcoming of all children and families.

    “I am in awe of the dedication and joy that the JG staff brings to their service, as well as how well equipped and well prepared the program is when the kids show up on Sunday. It makes me hopeful for the Future of the Religious Society of Friends to see how our children are so beautifully and lovingly nurtured by Junior Gathering.” 

    ~from a Junior Gathering parent’s online evaluation

     If you want to learn more or have questions, please contact: Junior Gathering Coordinator Patsy Martin or the co-clerks at [email protected]

    You may also enjoy watching The Gathering Video.



    Updated 2-27-18